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How to Modify Your Page Properties in Dreamweaver

written by: Amanda Presley•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 11/2/2010

With Adobe Dreamweaver, web development is a cinch. In this tutorial I will show you how to modify your page properties. The page properties determine the text style, font style, color, links, and background properties.

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    This tutorial will show you how to modify your page properties in Dreamweaver. Your page properties are your background, text options, and link options. You can set your page properties to display the link options, text options, and background options of your choice. Some people do not use the page properties because they use CSS Styles. If you are not familiar with CSS, then you may want to use the page properties.

    Open Dreamweaver and create a new HTML document to work on. Then right click on the document and select Page Properties from the drop down menu. A box will open and you will see the different options. Let’s go through the options in the box and I will explain them to you. You should be seeing the following box.How to Modify Your Page Properties in Dreamweaver - property box Modifying the Appearance Section in Adobe Dreamweaver

    On the left side of the box that you are looking at, you will see the Appearance link. If that link is not highlighted, click it. On the right side of the box you will see all of your options. Most of these Dreamweaver options are self explanatory.

    Page Font, Size, & Text Color – These three options control the text that will be displayed throughout this page. You can change these three options to create the text of your choice.

    Background Color & Background Image – You can use a solid color for your background or you can use an image. To use a solid color, click the color box and make your selection. To use an image, click the browse button and locate the image that you want to use. Then open it. The repeat field allows you to repeat the image if it is not large enough to cover the entire background. Drop the box down and select how you want your image to repeat.

    Modifying the Links Section in Dreamweaver

    On the left side of the panel, you will see the Links link. Click that link to select it. On the right side you will see the options for your links. Let’s take a look at the options.

    Link Font & Size – This is where you control your font style and size. Drop these two boxes down and make your selections.

    Link Color – This is the color that your link will be when it is just sitting on your page.

    Visited Links – After someone clicks a link, this is the color that it will be when the person sees the link again. You do not have to change this color if you do not want to.

    Rollover Links – This is the color that your link will appear when a mouse is placed over it.

    Active Links – Links that are active will be this color. You can leave this option alone to.

    Underlined Style – You can drop this box down and select the style of your choice for the links. The links can be underlined, not underlined, and show underline on rollover. Drop the box down and make your choice.

    The other options in the box, you do not have to mess with. Now you can click the Apply button and then the OK button. That’s how you modify your page properties in Dreamweaver.