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Incorporating Flash Buttons Into Your Dreamweaver Designs

written by: Amanda Presley•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 11/2/2010

Want to add a touch of Flash to your web site design? Check out this tutorial explaining how to create and add buttons within the Dreamweaver framework.

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    Using Flash Buttons in Dreamweaver - properties box When using flash buttons in Dreamweaver, you have a few different options. You can use flash buttons that others have created and offer for free, you can create your own flash buttons, or you can use the flash buttons in Dreamweaver. Flash buttons are a lot like rollover buttons. Let’s take a look at the different ways that you can use Flash buttons in Dreamweaver.

    Using Dreamweaver’s Flash Buttons

    Create a new html document and save it. Go to the top of Dreamweaver and click Insert > Media > Flash Button. The flash button properties box will open. In this box you will see your different options for creating the flash buttons. In the top two boxes, you will see the preview of the button and a list of buttons to choose from. You can hover your mouse over the preview button to see the flash and to preview it.

    To insert the flash buttons this way, you will need to fill in the fields in the box. Select your button first. After you have selected your button and filled in the fields, you can click Apply and then OK on the box. The flash button will be inserted into your document. You will need to open this box and create each button the same way.

    Downloading and Using Flash Buttons in Dreamweaver

    You can download other flash buttons and use them in Dreamweaver. You can do a search for Free Flash Buttons and browse through the different sites that offer flash buttons. When you download and install these buttons, you will need to install them in your extensions folder for Dreamweaver.

    To insert the new flash buttons, you will need to go to Insert > Media > Flash Button and repeat the steps above to use the Flash Button. In the preview box, you will need to look for the button that you installed.

    Creating Your Own Flash Buttons and Using Them in Dreamweaver

    You can also create your own flash buttons. You can use Macromedia Flash, Swish, or any other flash program to create these buttons. Once you have created the flash button, you can insert it into your Dreamweaver page by clicking Insert > Media > Flash. You will need a little understanding of how to use flash before creating these buttons.

    Those are the three different ways of using flash buttons in Dreamweaver. Flash buttons can really set your page off and it can also slow the loading of your page down. So, if you have a lot of buttons to add, you may want to think about using rollover buttons instead of flash buttons. The decision of the type of button to use is left entirely up to you. After all, it is your website.