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A Glossary of Photoshop Terms - "P" - Continued

written by: Joli Ballew•edited by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•updated: 10/20/2009

Photoshop terms that begin with the letter P. Find out about path selection, PDF, the Pen tool, and more.

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    Path Selection tool: Use this tool when you want to edit the paths that you’ve created using the Pen or Shape tools.

    Pattern Stamp tool: Allow you to paint with a specific pattern from the pattern library or from your own pattern creations.

    PDF: Stands for Portable Document Format and is used mainly for documents. PDF file format preserves fonts, page layout, and other document information and can be imported into Photoshop for editing. PDF files are platform independent, meaning almost any computer OS can be used when opening them. PDF files are not used in Photoshop for creating artwork.

    Pen pressure: If you use a stylus tablet, you can set pen pressure. This allows you to draw on the tablet and have the resulting amount of pressure you use while drawing applied to the tool you’re using on the screen. Pen pressure is available with several tools, including the Pen tool and some Brush tools.

    Pen tool: The Pen tool is used for drawing paths and custom shapes. As lines and curves are drawn, anchor points are created that define the line, its endpoints, and its curves.

    Pencil tool: The Pencil tool allows you to select a brush, choose its characteristics including size, shape, spacing, roundness, hardness, angle, diameter, mode, opacity, and more, and then use the brush for various types of artwork.

    Perspective: A Transform tool that allows you to apply perspective to an image.

    Photorealistic images: These images are generally created using actual pictures of things, such as animals, motorcycles, carnival rides (Ferris wheels, roller coasters), rock and roll bands, landscapes, seascapes, moonscapes, sunsets, or mountain scenes. Photorealistic images are generally printed using process techniques but can be created using indexed color as well.

    Pixel: Images such as photos are made up of pixels, which are small squares that contain color. An image’s resolution is determined by how many pixels there are in the image per inch. Monitors display output using pixels as well. Monitors display output at 72 ppi.

    Point Type: A way to type a paragraph where each line of text that you add is independent of the other lines; it does not wrap to the next line. If you run out of space in the work area, the letters that don’t fit on the page won’t show. Compare to paragraph type.

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