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Christmas Gift Ideas from ImageIngester

written by: Ariala•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 11/3/2008

Professional digital photographers are a special breed of technical geniuses that appreciate good products and programs. In this article, we'll look at three available programs out there that make good Christmas gifts for the professional digital photographer on your list.

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    There are definitely big differences between professional digital photographers and amateurs. Often these differences are linked to the degree of complexity in equipment, software programs, and accessories, not to mention knowledge of these items. The professional digital photographer has come to not only take some of the best photos out there, but this person can also explain the process taken to achieve the look in the photos.

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    Because professional digital photographers take their work seriously, it’s not a bad idea to take Christmas gift giving for digital photographers seriously, too. The following ideas are related to image software to enhance and improve even a professional digital photographer’s work.

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    Let’s take a look at the following software trademarked by professional digital photographer and software creator Marc Rochkind.

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    ImageIngester - $40

    Professional digital photographers take tons of photos and have workflows that can take up lots of time and space. Sometimes trying to keep up with the data and their processes can be tough. ImageIngester is a program that applies a technology called bulk metadata, which gives documentation about the data created. It is a collection of data that is provided in hierarchical levels within an application or environment. ImageIngester is a reliable program that helps a professional digtial photographer stay on top of workflow, providing the metadata, as well has giving double backup, GPS tagging and a variety of other technical goodies that make sense to a professional digital photographer. The new version of ImageIngestor is said to “ingest” up to 8 memory cards simultaneously and then burns them onto a disc.

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    ImageVerifier – Free download

    For the professional digital photographer, image integrity is important.. Because the quality and resolution is so important in good photos, the structural images of JPSs, TIFFs and so forth are very important. ImageVerifier goes into an image format, decompresses it and tells the professional digital photographer all he needs to know concerning the integrity of the image file. It verifies active and archived images in a structural manner and by storing 512-bit hash. It carefully assesses the image and encsures that it is backed up without losing integrity. Because this product is free, just suggesting this program is available, would make a nice gesture during the Christmas gift-giving season.

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    LRVmaker - $25

    This product is especially useful for professional digital photographers who need to configure a Lightroom catalog for LRViewer (another free product available for download). Basically, this product allows the photographer to imbed a logo, watermark or weblink on the image so people can’t steal or post them without knowing the image belongs to the digital photographer.

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    These three products and several other useful programs for professional digital photographers can be downloaded and bought at