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Scrapblog Comes to The Rescue! Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas!

written by: •edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 11/3/2008

Scrapblog now provides you with more choices on what you do with your unique digital scrapbooking creations. There’s no better Christmas gift than a personalized one!

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    The benefits of digital scrapbooking over traditional scrapbooking

    Digital scrapbooking is becoming more popular by the day. It’s a great alternative to the more traditional methods of scrapbooking for several reasons. Typically, digital scrapbooking is so much more affordable (even free!), it takes up less room than traditional scrapbooking, it isn’t as time consuming and it’s more environmentally friendly.

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    Scrapblog is a free service for the digital scrapbooker. In the past, Scrapblog provided a way to create digital scrapbooks and share them online with friends and family. Well, digital scrapbooking just got better with Scrapblog’s new services...and just in time for Christmas!

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    New printing services...perfect Christmas gifts!

    Scapblog now offers several new printing options. Once you’ve created your masterpieces, you can order keepsake photo books in different sizes, soft covered and hard covered and you can now create and order greeting cards and post cards.

    Scrapblog only uses first-rate materials, such as acid-free silk paper. Their detailed stitching means you can rest assured that your keepsake books will last a lifetime

    Scrapblog hasn’t forgotten that convenience is important. Once you place your order, your item(s) will be shipped out in 3 business days or less. If your order is a Christmas gift for somebody who doesn’t live close by, Scrapblog can have the gift sent directly to their address.

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    Each Keepsake Book comes with 20 pages.

    12”x8” Keepsake Book is $34.99 (additional pages are only $0.99!)

    9”x6” Keepsake Book is $14.99 (additional pages are only $0.59!)

    6”x4” Keepsake Book is only $9.99 (additional pages only $0.39!)

    Greeting Cards are only $1.99 each, additional savings the more you buy.

    Postcards are $1.49, and again, the more you order, the more you save.

    *Note that these prices do not include shipping & handling.

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    Check 'em out!

    For more information on Scrapblogs new printing services, please visit:

    If you’ve never heard of Scrapblog before but would like to check it out, visit the above link and click on Home in the top right of the page.

    Happy Scrapping!