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10 Unique Photo Gift Ideas - Christmas Shopping Made Easy!

written by: Dawn Meisch•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 11/27/2008

Struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift for the loved one in your life? Why not take what you already have and turn it into a unique, personal gift that the recipient can enjoy for years to come? Using your digital photos, you can create the perfect gift for everyone on your shopping list!

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    One of the greatest things about digital photography is deciding what to do with the pictures after you've taken them. One of the most accessible options is to create a unique gift out of a special photo. Easy and fun to do, anyone on your gift list will be delighted to have any of these keepsake gifts.

    There are numerous choices of objects on which to put a photo. Many options, like t-shirts, mugs and mouse pads are available in several places. However, if you're looking for something a little more unique and personal, why not take your favorite photos and try one of the ideas listed below?

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    10 Unique Photo Gifts...Perfect for Everyone!

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    • Photo Stamps. Although they have been around for a few years, photo stamps are still a great gift idea and perfect for the stamp collector in your life. Not only do they make an interesting gift, but they can be used as real stamps authorized by the US Postal Service. Photo Stamps 
    • Puzzles. Puzzle lovers would appreciate this as a gift. Not only is it fun to piece together, but they'll also have a unique keepsake photo when finished.
    • Cutting Boards. These photo cutting boards are made out of glass with rounded edges and plastic feet on the bottom to help it from slipping. A personalized cutting board is the perfect Christmas gift for a cook, restaurant owner, gourmet food lover, or just about anyone who spends time in their kitchen.
    • Coasters. Put memories from family vacations or special events on coasters, making it easy to remember every time someone has a drink. This unique gift is perfect for just about anyone.
    • Calendars. Create a personalized photo calendar with pictures of friends or family members. This Christmas gift is a thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gift that will be used and appreciated all year.
    • Ked's Shoes. Zazzle's proprietary technology allows you to create custom shoes. Start with a pair of Keds and add your own photos and text. Zazzle Shoes 
    • Skateboards. A skateboard enthusiast on your list would love these decks! Made in North America and printed in California, Zazzle offers 3 different styles to choose from, and they usually ship in 24 hours.
    • Personalized Books. Centerstage Books allows you to create a custom storybook with a child as a character joining in the adventures with their favorite Nickelodeon® and Sesame Street characters.
    • Personalized Posters. Centerstage Posters feature a favorite photo of a child by adding it to a Nickelodeon®, Disney, Transformers, Tom Arma or Educational Posters, available in several sizes. What child wouldn't love to have a poster in their room, where they're the main attraction? Centerstage products 
    • Photo Canvas. Transform cherished photos into wall sized art. Pictures are printed onto artist's canvas and are available in full color, black & white, or sepia tones.