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iPhone 3.0: New Phone Features

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 9/28/2009

The iPhone 3.0 has also increased your level of information for phone calls.

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    iPhone 3.0 Calling in an Update

    The iPhone 3.0 update did more for iPhone users than add Spotlight searches and extended typing features. The iPhone 3.0 update went much deeper into the actual call functions of the iPhone, which is often overlooked by developers and Apple themselves. Before all other functions, the iPhone is a mobile phone that can and must do all the calling functions that users need. The iPhone 3.0 update worked to extend these features even farther by adding some simple aspects to the design and informational dissemination of activity to the iPhone user.

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    Call History and Call Time

    One thing that you are going to notice is more information in your iPhone's call history log. This specifically relates to giving you the information about how long your specific phone calls were. This can be very important for scheduling, estimating AT&T billing issues, and giving you are time table for your communications. When you check under Recents, select the phone call you want to look at. On the Info page right under the type of call it is, it will list the time and length of the phone call.

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    Phone Type Info

    Another bit of information that is listed in both the Recents and Voicemail section is the type of phone it was that called you. This means that you will have the information about whether or not it was a business, mobile or home phone number. This will list it according to what you have put in your profile.

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    iPhone Caller ID Features

    One major feature added to phone calls in the iPhone 3.0 function is the caller ID function that gives you a certain amount of information about unknown incoming calls. This may only be the city and state in most cases, but this is still a major improvement over what was before. This also helps to organize as you are creating new contacts and deleting old ones, especially if your main calling location is changing as with a move or job change.

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    Moving On Up

    All of these features only enhance your new ability to do things such as share contacts through emails and have more freedom with SMS text messaging. This is likely only a preview of what is to come with the next major iPhone update or development.

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