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iPhone 3.0: Sending Photo Emails

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 7/4/2009

Here is an easy method provided by iPhone 3.0 to send multiple photos in an automated email message.

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    Pictures 3.0

    The iPhone 3.0 update allows for more types of communication between integrated information systems than ever before. This continues in its combination between phone and email communication, allowing you to utilize email functions that were normally regulated only to proper computer usage. One of these is sending a collection of photos via email, which is one of the major improvements that come with the iPhone 3.0. Here is a guide for how to send up to five photos through email on your iPhone 3.0 firmware.

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    Emailing Pictures

    Go into your Photos and then into the Camera Roll. Once you are in the normal Camera Roll photo display look to the bottom left corner and find the icon of the curved arrow coming out of a square. Go ahead and tap this arrow and you will then be in the share select mode. What you do here is then start going through the icons of your pictures from the Camera Roll and tapping them to put a red check mark on them. The number, up to five, of photos you select will then be listed next to the word Share in a button in the lower left hand corner.

    Once you have selected all of your photos press the Share button and a window will come up from the bottom asking if you want to use Email. Hit the Email button and a New Message will come up with these selected photos already attached. Now you just enter the email address or addresses that you intend to send this to and the subjects. After you have entered these areas just go ahead and hit the send button in the upper right hand corner. When the person looks in their email inbox you will find an email from your name and with the images as an attachment.

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    Alternative to Picture Messaging

    This is also a good way to send an email message that is not specifically from your email address. This is likely the best way to send picture messages in general since AT&T runs on an SMS message system. You can easily now transfer photos from your phone to other users who can check their email from their phone, and especially between iPhone users with iPhone 3.0.

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