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iPhone 3.0: Tips for Typing

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 7/4/2009

Here are some tips for using the new typing features in the iPhone 3.0 update.

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    iPhone 3.0 Text Update

    One of the main things that came with the iPhone 3.0 firmware update is a change to the complicated iPhone typing system. Though there was a full text and keyboard system in place on the smart phone, there were still many things missing from the iPhone text model and a few problems that were presented. Here are a few tips for working with the new text features offered by iPhone 3.0.

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    Copy and Paste

    The most publicized text feature that came with the iPhone 3.0 update was the copy and paste feature. Whatever you are typing in, whether it be a text message or application, just double tap the word to bring up the blue highlight feature. Drag the blue highlighting over the text that you want to copy or cut. Then choose one of them from the pop up window that will be above the text. Then on a blank area just double tap the area and then select paste from the above window. This seems awkward at first, but quickly becomes an intuitive process.

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    Select All

    You also have an alternative to the normal cut and paste process. Find a select word and hold your finger down on it. Once you release your finger you will have the options select and select all come up, which you will select from. This is just another way to bring up the blue highlighting on the text quickly.

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    Undo Redo

    It is easy to do a quick undo on any typing job, no matter what format. To do this quickly just shake the iPhone and you will get a pop up window that will give you the option to Undo Typing. If you want to redo what you have just undone then shake it again and you will have a button to Redo Typing.

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    Landscape Keyboard

    Another thing that the iPhone 3.0 update gives you is a full screen “landscape” keyboard when you title the iPhone horizontally. This used to only be in Safari, but is now in almost every text environment. Just try tilting your phone sideways whenever you have a large typing job to make things a little bit easier on your fingers.

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