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iPhone 3.0: Tips for Using Voice Memos

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 7/4/2009

Here is a guide and list of tips for using the Voice Memos application enclosed with the iPhone 3.0 update.

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    Voice Memos inside iPhone 3.0

    The Voice Memos application that comes with the iPhone 3.0 update is a nice way to leave yourself audio messages. This may seem like an odd feature to attach to the iPhone 3.0 update, but it is a good thing to have at your fingertips. Many people feel that this is an indication that MMS messaging is shortly in the future and that we will be able to send voice messages. Instead of hoping for that, it is best to look at what Voice Memos can actually get us in our current iPhone 3.0 environment. Here are a few tips for using the Voice Memos feature in the iPhone 3.0 firmware.

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    Recording Voice Memos

    When you first open up Voice Memos, you are going to get a base graphic of a large microphone with a VU meter at the bottom and a record button. You are going to need to speak relatively close to the normal iPhone microphone so that the audio is clearly recorded by Voice Memos. When you are ready to record your message, press the red circle centered record button on the left hand side of the VU meter, say your message, and then hit the black box centered stop button on the right hand side of the VU meter.

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    Recorded Voice Memos List

    Once you have some memos recorded, press the button that is on the right hand side of the VU, which has three little lines in the center of it when you are not recording. After you press this button, it will take you to a list of Voice Memos with their date and time next to them. You can then listen to them in a similar way to listening to voice mails in speak phone.

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    Trimming Voice Memos

    If you hit the question mark to the right of each memo, you will be taken to an Info page that allows you to Trim Memo. You then get a bar that indicates the total length of your voice memo and you can then use your finger to shorten it. Once you have drug this time arrow to the point that you want it to be, from either the front, back, or center, you can then hit the Trim Voice Memo button below it. This will then re-save your voice memo in a shorter form.

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    Sharing Voice Memos

    When you are at the regular Voice Memos list, you can highlight one of the messages and then hit the blue share button in the lower left hand corner of the screen. This will bring up a window with a button listed as Email Voice Memo. This will allow you to enter an email address and subject line and then send an email with the voice memo as a file attachment. This is again a great alternative provided by the iPhone 3.0 update to MMS messaging.

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