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Saving Your Video in Colorful Movie Editor

written by: Amanda Presley•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 7/5/2011

In this tutorial, I am going to show you two ways to save your video you just created. I will show you how to save it in MPEG format and AVI format.

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    This is the final part of the Colorful Movie Editor series. In this part of the series, I will show you how to save your movie you just created. You can save it as a MPEG file or an .avi file. I will show you how to save it both ways. You will need to click the Save button at the top of the program to get started. When you click the Save button, the options box will open.

    How to Save your Movie as an .AVI File

    First, I will show you how to save the movie as an .avi file. In the box that opened, you will see two tabs, click the Create AVI tab. In this section, you will need to setup your options for creating the AVI file. Select your Video Dimension in the first box. You can drop the box down and make your selection. You can leave the other options as they are. Click the folder button at the bottom of the window. Locate the folder that you want to save the project in. Then click the Save button. Then click the Create button. That will save your project. You can now burn your video by opening your burner software and adding the video you just saved.

    How to Save your Movie as an MPEG File

    Next, I will show you how to save the movie as a MPEG file. Click the second tab in the box that you have open. Select the Output file type and subtype. Then click the folder at the bottom to locate the place on your computer to save the video. Type in a name for your video and click Save. You will be returned back to the box. To finish saving the video, click the Create button. Give it a minute or two to create the video. Now you can burn it using your burner software.

    That is it for the Colorful Movie Editor series. With Colorful Movie Editor, you don’t have much control over the movie you are creating. There are many more programs that offer a lot more than this program. If you are just looking to create a simple movie, this would be a great software for you.