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How to Add Effects to Your Video in Colorful Movie Editor

written by: Amanda Presley•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 7/5/2011

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to apply effects to your videos using Colorful Movie Editor.

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    This is part three of the Colorful Movie Editor series. In this part of the series, I will show you how to add effects to your video clips and photos. You can apply a different effect to each video clip or photo. You will need to click the Effects tab in the top right panel of the window to navigate to the effects section of Colorful Movie Editor.

    You only have five effects you can apply to the video you are creating. In the top window, you will see the five effects. To apply an effect, you will need to click the effect and drag it to the effect row at the bottom of the window. The Effect row is the row with the E at the beginning of it. So, click the effect in the effect panel and drag it to where you want it in the row and let go of it. You can move the effect around by dragging it.

    You can also shorten the length of the effect by grabbing the end of the effect in the effect row and drag it to the middle. When you place your mouse at the end of the effect, you will notice your cursor will change shapes. It will become and line with two arrows at the ends. Clicking your mouse and dragging it to the middle will shorten it. Dragging it outward will make the effect longer.

    You can apply an effect to each photo or video. Simply drag the other effects to the effects row. Rearrange the effects the way you want them. You can preview your movie you are making at any time by clicking the play button on the video preview window.

    To delete an effect, follow these steps. Click the effect you want to delete. Then right click on the effect and click the delete link in the menu that drops down. There is only one link in the menu, that is the delete link. Clicking that link will delete the effect from your movie.

    Move on to part four of this tutorial to learn how to apply transition effects to your video.