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A Guide to the Best Free Fonts Online for Desktop Publishers

written by: Thursday Bram•edited by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•updated: 6/29/2009

It seems like every desktop publishing project requires a new font. Rather than spending hours searching each time you need a new typeface, checkout our lists of free fonts, grouped by holidays and other themes to help you jump start your projects.

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    Holiday Fonts

    Many desktop publishing projects seem to focus on upcoming holidays. We make valentines in February and send out invitations for New Year's parties in December. There are quite a few holiday-themed fonts available and these lifts have found some of the best for you to use in your projects.

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    Special Events

    For every special event — weddings, baby showers and parties — we need invitations. We may need other items we can publish ourselves as well, such as name cards and menus. These lists of fonts will help you add a little something special to both your projects and your events.

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    Business Projects

    While it might be fun to add some style to business desktop publishing projects, most require more formal typefaces than those listed in other categories. The fonts listed here are perfect for a variety of business projects and can provide alternatives to expensive standards like Helvetica.

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    Other Themes

    There are plenty of other fonts we need that are a little harder to categorize. Whether you need a font that gives a hint of ancient culture or a typeface perfect for a project aimed at kids, these fonts will met a variety of different needs.

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    More Free Fonts

    f you don't see exactly the font you need for your project in this list, don't worry. We've made a list of the best sites that offer free fonts. All four of these sites provide typefaces for both Macintosh and Windows computers, and have simplified downloading processes. They're all also easy to search, so that you can find exactly the font you need.

    On top of those sites, we'll be adding more lists of the best typefaces for particular themes. Please check back if you have a new project in need of a few new fonts.

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