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Four Free New Year's Eve Fonts

written by: Thursday Bram•edited by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•updated: 12/19/2013

If you're planning a bash for New Year's Eve, you might be designing your own invitations and other party materials. If you want even your font to get into the spirit of the celebration, consider one of these free New Year's fonts.

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    Cocktail Bubbly

    Need a font to show off the bubbly potential of your New Year's Eve festivities? Cocktail Bubblyis a cheerful font capable of just that. If you like the letters of this font but aren't so sure about the bubbles, you can also download a letters-only version. This font comes with both uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as numerals and basic symbols. It probably isn't complete enough to set big blocks of text, but it can handle most other projects.
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    Party By Tom

    Party By Tom has plenty of streamers to show off your party plans. This font offers only capital letters, but they're easy to read and very fun. The typeface also comes with numerals and a limited set of punctuation. Party By Tom is ideal for titles and headers, although it doesn't really have the ability to handle more complicated typesetting.

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    Ruban Extravaganza

    You can decorate your New Year's Eve desktop publishing projects with streamers: the Ruban Extravaganzafont has letters designed to look like streamers, with a few stars to adorn the party. This typeface does have lowercase letters, as well as uppercase, although the lowercase letters are essentially just smaller capital letters. The designer of Ruban Extravaganza did not include numbers or symbols with this font, effectively limiting it to titles — although, in that capacity, the font can add something special to your project.

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    Feast Day

    In addition to the free New Year's fonts you can find online, you can also access some great dingbats made just for end-of-the-year bashes. Feast Day is a great example: it's full of hand drawn New Year's images, like popping corks and noisemakers. You can use Feast Day just like any other font: just download and install it and see which of the images you want to use on your projects.

    Happy New Year's!