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Four Free Celtic Fonts Perfect for St. Patrick's Day & Year-Round Use

written by: Thursday Bram•edited by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•updated: 3/14/2013

Celtic documents are known for their elegant lettering. You can bring an element of Celtic style to any document you create by using one of these free fonts - an easier option than the hand-lettering monks used to transcribe the Book of Kells!

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    Celtic Fonts are popular for many occasions. Many desktop publishers find them elegant and old-fashioned, yet timeless; reminiscent of the book of Kells and other manuscripts. Others might find use for Celtic fonts on St. Patrick's Day, or for other Irish-inspired events.

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    St John by mike52ad m The Book of Kells and other Celtic manuscripts are best known for their illuminated letters: animals and other adornments are used to create beautiful capital letters. The Celtasmigoria font allows you to add illuminated letters to your documents in a heartbeat.

    A word of warning, though: this font in large doses may overwhelm readers. It's best used on just the first letter of a paragraph or in similarly small doses.

    celtic1 large.jpg 

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    Aon Cari Celtic

    If you want to bring a hint of hand-lettering to your documents, Aon Cari Celtic is a good choice. It's a font that recreates the elegant letters that a Celtic calligrapher would have used. It's easier to read than Celtasmigoria and can be used in greater quantities.celtic2 large.jpg 

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    Spiral Initials

    The spiral is a symbol found throughout Celtic mythology and artwork. Spiral Initials adds such symbols to each of the capital letters in the font. The lower case letters of the font are actually capital letters as well, although without the spiral addition. Spiral Initials can be a wonderful title font if you want to invoke a Celtic mood.celtic3 large.jpg 

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    If you're looking for a Celtic font you can use for text throughout your document, Perigord may be a good option. While it's clearly a Celtic-style font, it's very legible — easier to read in paragraph farm than most Celtic fonts. That's because most Celtic fonts are designed as embellishments or as title fonts.celtic4 large.jpg 

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    How to Download These Fonts

    All of these Celtic fonts are available as free downloads for both PC and Macintosh. Just click on the link provided in each section above. If you want to further explore free font options, Dafont has an extensive directory of Celtic fonts.

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    Image by:  mike52ad

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