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Girl Wars Online: Starting and Winning Cat Fights

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 5/6/2009

Here is a quick guide for getting into serious Cat Fights in Girl Wars Online.

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    The Fighter

    One of the central competitive aspects of Girl Wars Online is the Cat Fight section that pits you up against other players. This is a test of not only statistics, but also items and friends as you begin championing through the levels. Here are some quick tips to becoming the top fighter in Girl Wars Online.

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    Stock Up

    Right from the beginning, you need to be getting the best possible items from the Mall that you can. This means that you should try to save your money and only get the top of the line designers. This will put you at the highest level of the crowd for your level. Since you are limited by what you can use in a fight according to your level and number of friends you have to make sure you only have the best. If you have extra items that are of a lower caliber they will be used instead of your other, better items.

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    Stay Stationary

    You are going to want to stay away from leveling up too quickly. Each time you do this it will put you into a different fighting bracket where you will likely be the less equipped. If you hold off leveling up then you can increase your item level far beyond your position so that once you do level up you will be in the perfect set up immediately. The main way you can ensure this is by shifting your monetary cycle to real estate. This is the most important move in Girl Wars Online as it lets you receive money without experience points.

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    Girl Wars Online is designed more around adding friends than the other games, mainly because of its ironic emphasis on social networking stereotypes. You need to be adding friends at a manic pace right from the start so that you will have the maximum number allowed for Cat Fights for your current level. There are a number of ways you can do this in Girl Wars Online, such as inviting your Contact List or in your GPS area. The only effective one is to use Friend Codes and post them on internet message boards. Be liberal with this and go to as many as you can.