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Girl Wars Online: Guide for Starting Out

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 4/20/2009

Here is an easy guide on how to get your character on track right from the beginning of Girl Wars Online.

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    Girl Power

    When you get started with Girl Wars Online, you have to keep both the game’s differences and similarities to other applications in the Online series. It shares many qualities to iMob Online and iVampire Online, but has a number of fundamental differences. Here is a clean strategy to start off your Girl Wars Online account with success.

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    The first thing you need to do it note that you have a number of Fashion Points, which are similar to Respect Points in iMob Online. These are used for buying different things from The Diva. Though you can also buy full energy refills and Sisters, the only thing you really should purchase with this is money. The higher level you are then the more money you will be able to get per ten point increment.

    When starting in Girls Wars Online out you want to get yourself a few levels in before exchanging your Fashion Points in for money. Go ahead and perform several Events, then upgrade your items from the Mall to the highest level that the Events require. Once you do this try to focus on getting a small surplus of money and get up to level five or six.

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    Girl Wars Flash Bomb

    Once you are here in your Girl Wars Online account, go ahead and cash in all of your Fashion Points for money. This money should then be immediately put into the highest yielding properties out of the Real Estate guide.

    What separates Girl Wars Online from other text based iPhone RPGs is that its properties are all single unit and do not require you to purchase lots to build on. This means that you can end up acquiring property much faster and can quickly remove your financial dependence from Events. If you do it in this fashion, you will have a large burst of money that you can then use to purchase a surplus of property, there by switching over to a cyclical payout all at once. From here, you are ready to focus less on leveling up and more on making all of your financial support come from property.