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Girl Wars Online: Think Before Leveling Up

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 4/27/2009

Here is a quick guide for leveling up in Girl Wars Online.

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    Planning to Level Up Effectively

    Leveling up is a key part of Girl Wars Online as it does hail from the text based iPhone RPG clan populated mostly by rogue racers and low level wise guys. As with many of those it is important to both pace your leveling and plan it as it is an essential part of Girl Wars Online but it has some difficulties. Instead of just plowing through the levels in Girl Wars Online, it is better to coordinate when and how you are going to jump up.

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    Financial Recourse

    The first thing to keep in mind when playing Girl Wars Online is that you need to slow down the leveling up process as much as possible. This is done usually by switching the burden of finances from Events and Cat Fights to Real Estate as fast as possible. This is made even easier in Girl Wars Online because of the ease in starting out properties. Since your fighting competition is going to be players of the same level it is a much better idea to sit on each level for quite a while accruing excessive amounts of money and stockpiles of Mall items. This will make you the strongest among your low level cohorts.

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    Available Property and Item Tips

    When you are ready to level up do so, but make sure that it is done in an effort to get more properties. Each time you buy a piece of property the cost of the next unit of the same property increases. After a while, these properties end up being too expensive to be worth it in ratio to its payout. This means you have to level up your Girl Wars Online account to release more properties. This should be the primary reason as at any given level plateau you should be focusing on filling up your arsenal with the most powerful items available.

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    Purchasing New Items

    Once you do level up to where new items and properties are available, spend time purchasing all the newly available items immediately. You want every member from your Crew that is able to fight according to your level has the absolutely most powerful items available. Begin selling off the older items as you purchase new ones as your Crew is only able to hold so many. You want all available items to be of the highest available level.

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    Crew Member Tip

    Do not level up if you have not been adding to your Crew consistently. This will put you at a major disadvantage once you get to higher levels. 118081495.