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Best Free BlackBerry Software

written by: Sumiko•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 5/19/2011

Free apps are the best, especially if they’re good ones. With the thousands of apps that are out there, it’s hard to distinguish which ones to download and which ones are just a waste of time. This list includes the top 10 BlackBerry apps that are not only useful but also free!

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    Aces Traffic Pack

    Aces Traffic Pack gives you access to 40 puzzles to test your strategic thinking. Maneuver cars around different parking lots and traffic jams, to free your car from the mess to complete the level and advance to the next round. Objects are placed in your way to make the game more difficult all while increasing your problem solving skills. You can record the best scores and try to beat your scores each time you play. Click here for Aces Traffic Pack for BlackBerry!Aces 

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    CrunchSMS Are you tired of the standard text messaging application that comes with your BlackBerry? CrunchSMS is a free text message application that offers chat-style text messaging. With this free BlackBerry software you can personalize your text messages by changing the color and font of your messages for a fun twist. CrunchSMS allows you to include pictures, smiley faces, and you can even include your signature as well. Click here for CrunchSMS for your BlackBerry!

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    Dictionary and Thesaurus

    From the makers of the popular websites and, the Dictionary and Thesaurus app includes the features those sites have to offer in one application. With the app, not only do you have access to hundreds of thousands of words, but you have access to the word of the day, phonetic and audio pronunciations. This app also offers social networking functions and email integration. Click here for Dictionary and Thesaurus for BlackBerry! Dictionary 

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    Dragon for Email

    Dragon for Email Have you ever been driving and needed to send an email to a client or anyone else for that matter? Well this free BlackBerry software can solve the problem. With the click of a button, you can speak your email message and it instantly types out what you say. Not only is it faster than typing but safer, so you can focus on driving instead of emailing. You can also upload your contacts to sync with Dragon for Email for more productivity. Click here for Dragon for Email for your BlackBerry!

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    DriveSafely reads your text messages and email out loud to you so you can focus on the road, instead of your BlackBerry, when you’re driving. Once you register to use this app, you can take advantage of all the features this app has to offer and you never have to be distracted again with texting or emailing while operating your car. Click here for DriveSafely for BlackBerry.DriveSafely 

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    Pandora The Pandora music app offers radio personalization based on your musical preferences. Once you enter your favorite artist into Pandora, a radio station is created just for you based on your input. You can rate songs as they are played and this free BlackBerry software will try to find similar tracks and even exclude songs you don’t want to hear from your music playlist. Pandora is the ultimate app to download and play your favorite songs. Click here for Pandora for BlackBerry!

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    Player for YouTube

    Player for YouTube allows you to view, search and share YouTube videos on your BlackBerry. This app even supports high quality videos as the videos are embedded so there's no need to view the YouTube videos in your Internet browser. You can upload YouTube videos via Player to your Facebook, Twtter and Email accounts. Click here for Player for YouTube for your BlackBerry! Player for YouTube 

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    OurGroceries Shopping List

    OurGroceries OurGroceries app allows you to manage your family groceries and keep track of your grocery lists with updates through your BlackBerry via email or SMS. You can also track real time updates once changes are made online and view items as they are checked off on the grocery list. Do you have favorite recipes? You can keep track of those too with OurGroceries and even the items needed to cook your recipe. Click here for OurGroceries Shopping List!

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    Screen Muncher

    Have you ever wanted to share your BlackBerry screen with a friend? With Screen Muncher, you can capture the image of your screen to share or keep for your own personal viewing. Whether it be a message that was sent to you or a picture you’d like to share, use Screen Muncher to capture that image and send via text or email. This free BlackBerry software is very easy to use and can be very handy. Click here for Screen Muncher for BlackBerry! Munch 

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    UberTwitter Are you a social networking junkie? UberTwitter works with Twitter, includes features such as photo uploading, tweet shrinking, changing your Twitter avatar, and even allows you to upload videos. With UberTwitter, you get real time tweets as you can customize the preferences to accommodate how often and what tweets you would like sent to your BlackBerry. You can also include your location and customize the color of the application, font and size of the font. Click here for UberTwitter for your BlackBerry.

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