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Linux Distribution List - By Type

written by: Jesma•edited by: Lamar Stonecypher•updated: 8/27/2009

Here we list a plethora of Linux distributions broken down by type, be it RPM based, Ubunutu based, Knoppix, and more. We also include links to useful information about the distributions.

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    RPM-Based Linux Distributions

    RPM stands for the Red Hat Package Manager. Variations of Red Had Enterprise Linux or Fedora core use RPM to retrieve and install various applications and perform other tasks. These distributions are said to be RPM based simply because they use the same package management and it has a profound influence on the way the operating system functions. Some RPM-based Linux distributions include:

    Red Hat Enterprise LinuxFedora Core ♦ Yellow Dog Linux ♦ Linux XP

    Aurora SPARC LinuxCentOSClarkConnect

    White Box Enterprise LinuxScientific LinuxSME Server

    ALT LinuxCaldera LinuxMandriva Linux

    PCLinuxOSSUSE Linux

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    Debian-Based Linux Distributions

    Debian is a Linux distribution that focuses on and emphasizes free software. It uses the .deb format with the dpkg package manager. All distributions based upon Debian do as well. Some Debian-based Linux distrubutions are:

    Corel LinuxgNewSenseKanotix

    LinspireMEPISUbuntu ♦ Maemo

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    Ubuntu-Based Linux Distributions

    Althought Ubuntu is based on Debian, it works on a different release cycle and supports fewer architectures. It draws packages from Debian, but repackages them with Ubuntu version numbers. There are several "official" versions, including:

    Ubuntu Server Edition ♦ KubuntuXubuntu ♦ Edubuntu ♦ Ubuntu jeOS ♦ Ubuntu Mobile ♦ Ubuntu Netbook Remix

    Unofficial versions of Ubuntu include:

    Easy PeasyFluxbuntuGnoppixgOSLinux MintLinuxMCEPSUbuntu

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    Knoppix-Based Linux Distributions

    Knoppix is, itself, based on Debian. It championed the bootable CD/DVD Linux craze and several other Linux distributions have been based on it.

    Damn Small Linux ♦ Buildix ♦ Feather Linux ♦ Kaella ♦ KnoppMyth ♦ Morphix ♦ Musix

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    Other Noteable Linux Distributions

    This is by no means an exhaustive list, and there are many more smaller versions of Linux than those listed or linked here. Those linked will provide you with a little bit more information on each of these Linux distributions, and we intend on adding to this list as we add more Linux distribution information and reviews to the site. For now, take a look at a few of these other notable Linux distributions:


    Vector Linux