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Things to Do Before Installing New Video Editing Software

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 3/15/2010

Video editing software is very resource dependent, so make sure to prepare your computer for the installation.

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    It Needs So Much

    Editing software is a space and memory intensive type of application and requires a lot out of even the best computer. If you are working on a standard home computer it may take a lot of preparation before it is ready to apply editing software. Before you even install the program you want to be working with you need to do a number of things to your computer to prepare it.

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    Clean and Update

    The absolute first thing you need to do is to clean out your hard drive and update everything. Video editing is going to need an unreasonable amount of space, so if you are using your standard hard drive you need to get rid of absolutely everything you don’t need. You may want to transfer it all onto a large portable hard drive for quick storage. Run disk cleanup functions, and even reformat if you have a lot of junk lingering. Defragging your computer is an absolute must. Make sure to upgrade all of the hardware and software drivers to the best of your ability. Make every effort to get more ram and update your video card. Make sure you check the recommended system requirements for the specific software you intend to install and make sure your computer either meets or beats them. Make sure to update your operating system to the absolute newest version available.

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    Startup Manager

    Try getting a startup manager to help coordinate what actually runs when you boot up your computer. Anything that is not absolutely necessary will just slow you down. Try to have almost nothing run at startup, and instead just open them manually when you are ready to use them.

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    Software Updates

    Find updates to all the video software you are considering installing before you do this. Make sure that they are easily available once you have the program up and running.

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    Back It Up

    Make sure you back up everything that you absolutely must save on the computer. Video editing programs can take up so much space and can be so hardware intensive that device failure and systems crashing are not unheard of. Anticipate these possibilities and prepare accordingly.

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    Editing in the Home

    Home editing is often difficult because few people can afford to have one computer for editing and another for standard computer functions. Keep your computer as clean and up to date as possible and you should be in a good position for digital video editing.