Four Free Wanted Poster Templates to Download for Microsoft Publisher

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The following wanted poster templates were created in Microsoft Publisher 2010 and are also compatible with Publisher 2003 and 2007. To use one of these templates, click the link to go to the Download Page. Once there, click the Download button, as shown here. (Click on any image to enlarge it.)

The template will open as a new Microsoft Publisher publication. You can customize any of these wanted posters by replacing the images with your own photos. Simply click on the image you want to change, go to the Insert tab or menu and locate the image you want to use instead. Resize and format your image as needed.

Read on for descriptions of these free wanted poster templates and special instructions on how to use them. Also, if you want to give your project more of a "high seas" theme, check out these great resources for free pirate clipart.

Reward for Live Capture

Reward for Capture Wanted Poster Template

The first template is for a basic wanted poster. It features the word Wanted in a fun, rustic font. It has the picture of a grandfatherly gentleman fishing and Reward for the live capture of Hank “The Fishing Bandit” Cook. The Wanted and Reward For Live Capture are actually a separate graphic, but you can customize the “culprit’s” photo and name. To use your own picture, right-click the sample image and select Change Picture. Find the picture on your computer that you want to use and insert it. Personalize the name by selecting the sample text in the name text box and typing your desired name over it.

Download Link: Publisher Wanted Poster Template – Live Capture

Reward: Cattle Rustler

Reward: Wanted Poster Template

Is there an adorable cattle thief in your life? Make a poster in Microsoft Publisher to announce it to the world. This wanted poster template offers a reward for the capture of a criminal whose offenses include cattle rustling, bank robbing and stagecoach stealing. The background looks like aged, torn paper and the image is recolored in a sepia tone. This template was created in Microsoft Publisher 2010 but is compatible with all current versions of Publisher. Customize it using your own photo. Simply right-click the sample image and select Change Picture. Find the picture on your computer that you want to use and insert it.

Download Link: Publisher Wanted Poster Template – Reward

Father’s Day Most Wanted

Father's Day Most Wanted Poster Template

This wanted poster template would make a thoughtful Father’s Day gift or decoration. Based on the FBI’s most wanted posters, this poster uses bold blue on white and white on blue with a background similar to newsprint. Replace the photo with your own – Publisher will apply the black-and-white hue instantly. The entire publication is customizable, so you can change Father’s Day to Mother’s Day or any other wording you choose. It has a text box listing aliases, such as Dad, Pop, Father, Daddy-o, and Walking ATM. The final text box lists the following description:

  • HEIGHT: Tall enough to reach anything in the house, but not too tall to bend down and hug his kids
  • WEIGHT: Heavy enough to carry the weight of the world—and his child—on his shoulders
  • OCCUPATION: Driver, fixer of things, sparring partner, coach, moderator, counselor, banker, remote control holder, car washer, motivational speaker, tutor, umpire and warden
  • HAIR: Graying and/or thinning, thanks to kids stressing him out
  • EYES: Kind and loving but can speak volumes when discipline is necessary
  • WANTED FOR: Being the best dad on the face of the earth!

Download Link: Publisher Wanted Poster Template – Father’s Day

Heart Thief

Heart Thief: Wanted Poster Template

This Microsoft Publisher wanted poster template has the words Wanted for Stealing My Heart on a torn parchment background along with a heart-shaped picture placeholder. Customize it by replacing the sample image with your own. Although the sample picutre is in full color, you can recolor your photo in Publisher if you choose. This template was created in Publisher 2010 and is compatible with Publisher 2007 or 2003 as well.

Download Link: Publisher Wanted Poster Template – Heart Thief