5 St. Patrick’s Day Digi Stamps for Your Holiday DTP Projects

St. Patrick’s Day DTP Projects

Digi stamps can add a great touch of St. Patrick's Day cheer to that special project you are creating. In this list, you will find stamps that work well with scrapbooking, greeting cards, homemade envelopes, and book covers. To purchase a stamp in this guide, go to the resource box at the end of this article and follow the link from there.

Itty Bitty Bobby Pot of Gold


Itty Bitty Bobby is a cute St. Patrick's Day digi stamp with Bobby sitting in a pot of gold. This digi stamp will work with any project you are working on. One of the projects you might want to consider using this St. Patrick's Day digi stamp with is scrapbooking.

If you scrapbook with paper and stencils, you can use this stamp to add that special touch of St. Patrick's Day to your layout. This particular digi stamp will cost you $3.49. When you load the page with this digi stamp, you can see a preview of the finished product and that will provide you with an idea of what you can turn this particular stamp into.

St. Patrick’s Day Digi Stamp Set


The next St. Patrick's Day digi stamp in this list is a bit different than the others. With this selection, you will actually receive a set. When you purchase this set of digi stamps, you will receive bows, hats, a pot of gold, and more. This set of digi stamps will work great with many projects like scrapbooking, homemade cards, and homemade envelopes. This set of digi stamps will cost you $4.50. That's not a bad price for a set of stamps as nice as these.

Owl Leprechaun


This is a really cute digi stamp for St. Patrick's Day. It is a bit different than your normal St. Patrick's Day graphics and stamps. Instead of a Leprechaun, you have an owl. The owl is dressed for St. Patrick's Day and is holding a pot of gold.

I think you will find that this digi stamp will work well with greeting cards, scrapbook layouts, and envelopes. The price of this stamp is $3.49. If you would like ideas on how to transform this stamp into color, take a look at the site in the resource box. It has a beautiful color stamp created from this black and white graphic.



Are you searching for a dancing Leprechaun? Take a look at this digi stamp. The Leprechaun appears to be doing a little jig or you may interpret it as something else. Either way, he is cute and you will also get the greeting and the clovers with this set of stamps. I think this stamp would work really well with a scrapbook cover, or layout. This cute little Leprechaun set is only $3.

Itty Bitty Betty Rainbows


Remember Bobby at the beginning of this guide? Here is Betty… Itty Bitty Betty is sliding down a rainbow. One of the digi stamps has a cloud at the bottom of it, and the other has a pot of gold. With this selection, you will receive two stamps for $3.49. This stamp will work great with scrapbook cards, scrapbook layouts, greeting cards, and other DTP projects.

St. Patrick’s Day Digi Stamps Resources

Itty Bitty Bobby Pot of Gold St. Patrick's Day Digi Stamp $3.49

St. Patrick's Day Digi Stamp Set $4.50

Owl Leprechaun $3.49

Leprechaun Digi Stamp $3

Itty Bitty Betty Rainbows St. Patrick's Day Digi Stamps $3.49

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