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Create Your Own Photo Stickers with this Fun Photo Craft!

written by: AC Gaughen•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 12/5/2008

Personalized photo stickers are a great and inexpensive way to personalize everything from a child's lunch to notebooks and pencil cases. This fun photo craft project will teach you how to create your own photo stickers, where to print them and tips on what you can do with the photo stickers.

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    What You'll Need

    • Sticker-appropriate pictures (see tips below on how to select the best pictures to use for stickers)
    • A computer
    • Internet Access
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    Tips on Choosing a Sticker Photo

    When choosing a photo to make into a sticker, keep these tips in mind:

    • Stickers are very small, so use a picture where the subject's face fills the frame of the photo.
    • Too many faces on a sticker will be indecipherable.
    • It doesn't necessarily have to be a face: a close-up photo of your children holding hands, your puppy's paw or mud tracks, your youngest's half-toothless're only limited by your imagination
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    Where to Print Them

    • Upload up to ninety different pictures to crop and make into stickers. They arrive in sticker books with easy-tear pages so you can share them with friends and family, and they stay neat and pocket-sized in between uses.
    • Order one photo in 24-sticker sheets with wide, cute borders.
    • Order one photo at a time in 20-sticker sheets, with different borders on offer.
    • PhotoWorks has the best selection of sizes and borders. To really mix it up with pictures on different orientations, with different colors and borders (or none at all!) check this one out.
    • Print them at home! Avery makes Inkjet sticker paper that will render your photos perfectly onto this photo-ready sticker paper.
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    How to Use Your New Photo Stickers!

    There are lots of ways to use your new (adorable, I'm sure!) photo stickers. Try these out for starters:

    • Make Your Kids Smile. Whether its closing their lunches with a sticker, personalizing their favorite toys, or using it as a way to show you've checked their homework, kids love seeing pictures of themselves or their other favorite people (like you!).

    • Make Personalized Cards. Combine four stickers on the front of a piece of folded cardstock for a quick, easy, and personalized card.

    • Organize! Make a crate for each person in the family's stuff; clothes, socks, folded laundry, toys, books, knick knacks, whatever! Put a sticker on the front so they can always find their own without fighting!

    Once you get your photo stickers, you'll find no end to the number of ways you can use them. Feel free to stick them EVERYWHERE! Why not, when it's so much fun, so easy, and most importantly, inexpensive? Order extra to have them on hand when you just need to get a little sticker-crazy!