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Get Through the Moron Test with These Tips

written by: Natalie Hill•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 11/11/2010

So finally we reach the final section of the Moron Test. Here is a guide to help you finish as genius.

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    Food Fight - Literally

    Food Fight So now you are almost a genius if you've passed the preceding three sections; Old School, Late Registration and Winter Break. This level is, you've guessed it, food based. With an added few characters, a monkey, snake and ladybird and secret hidden instructions this is a great sequel.

    The begining is quite straightforward again, but with food flying all over your screen to distract you, so be sure to read carefully and you'll be fine up until you need to touch the monkeys left hand - his left not yours!

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    First Checkpoint

    Food Fight When you make it to the second checkpoint and touch the hare to continue you'll be asked to enter 0.7734 into a calculator, when you've done this the instructions will change to 'say hello, then hit equals to continue'. To do this you just turn your phone upside down (it will spell hello) and the equals key is highlighted in green. You'll get a hint after doing this 'it's the third one'. Remember this.

    Your next screen asks you to touch the biggest triangle but you'll notice there's a switch on the left hand corner, switch this on and you'll see a new triangle appear, hit this one.

    And that will lead you to three doors, hint, it's the third one!

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    Eat healthy!

    Now to test your memory, you'll soon come to a screen with lots of different fruit, but don't worry because there's 2 strawberries and 5 apples.

    Next, look carefully at the fruit, the biggest red apple is the small red apple on the left, the large red fruit with a worm sticking out is actually a tomato.

    You'll soon be asked to spray the soda, so give your phone a little shake until the soda looks frothy and touch the cap. The poor giraffe!

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    Match the Images

    Food Fight 

    Now you'll be shown a table of animals and asked to match them on the next page, use the table to the left for reference of their places.

    The next screen you need to first touch the egg, and jerk your phone to one side 3 times until the monkey is smiling. This one takes a bit of practice so if you don't get it first time, few do!

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    Final Road to Genius...

    Now carry on past the cows and you'll get to the checkpoint. You need to touch the small orange apple which is placed to the left of the word intelligent.

    And the next screen is a little misleading with various coloured tangled wires, here the button to press to light up the ice cream is the red one.

    So getting on to the ice cream itself on the next screen, you need to tap in this order; chocolate ice cream, blue ice cream, blue and yellow sprinkles and vanilla ice cream.

    Almost there now, a sequence will appear on the next part so follow in this order as everything will change; green square to the bottom left, wait for the screen to change again, the orange circle in the bottom right, then the red triangle on the left side of the screen.

    Now switch the light on and off and press the blue button.

    Then tap the glasses in this order; green, blue, blue, green, blue, green, red, green, green.

    Finally, the answer to 'What is the first word of this sentence.' Answer is true. Think about it.

    Congratulations! You've now passed all four sections of the Moron Test!

How to Pass The Moron Test

With the Moron Test consisting of 4 sections with more promised, we've covered the tricks and tips needed to pass with as few insults as possible. If you're stuck with any level just refer to our How To guides.
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