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Guide to Get Through the Moron Test: Winter Break

written by: Natalie Hill•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 11/10/2010

The Winter Break Moron Test is the third section by DistinctDev. Taking on a more Winter Theme as the title suggests here are some hints and tips to get you through.

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    Top of the Class

    Winter Break 

    If you've managed to pass the Old School and Late Registration sections of the Moron Test, you'll know the begining is always quite simple. Build the snowman, note the clever wording 'Add the hat after the arms' and follow the instructions over the first few slides.

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    Take your Time... Sometimes

    Winter Break 

    To start the fire on this screen you must tap the wood 7 times, if you touch the fire once it's lit you'll be sent back to the checkpoint!

    When you see the word quick, note that there is a time limit so you must hurry. This applies when you have to touch the turtle so be vigilant!

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    Getting Trickier

    Winter Break 

    Now it's getting tricky! When you come to 'Quick, press the green button' you'll have noted that you need to break the ice by tapping on it until the ice breaks, so another devilish trick they pull is to change the wording for this, so just tap it once and you'll notice it changes to 'Don't touch the frozen green button'. So don't and you're through.

    The correct snowflake is the top left where you're asked which matches the one which flashed on screen.

    Another tricky part is where you're told to 'quick, touch the giraffe', he is the third animal to appear.

    Now, you'll get to a screen with seemingly identical pictures of 4 turtles asking which does not belong? It is the bottom left and only because the top of its shell is slightly different!

    Another tricky one is next. You'll be shown a clock and asked to press the timer - the timer is on the bottom left timing you as you go through so that's what you need to tap.

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    Almost a Genius

    Winter Break You'll now be given instructions which disappear when you press the first button. This can be a little tricky when the buttons are moving all over the screen so to help you, press the red button, then the blue button twice, then green once and orange twice.

    Now you'll be given a hint - it's a picture of a penguin so keep this in mind as you'll need it shortly.

    Here you'll need more patience, be careful we're almost done! Building on the momentum of the game you'll be asked to 'quick touch the frog' but you need to wait for the button on the screen to leave, where 3 penguins, one by one, will appear. The button will again reappear and then you'll see the frog to the bottom right of the screen - be quick!

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    The very last section is more button pressing, again the directions disappear so it's the green button twice, blue three times, orange button once and red four times.

    You're now on a screen with random letters, remember the hint? Spell PENGUIN! Watch for the letters moving though.

    And the very last obstruction from Genius is helping get food for the turtle which is high up in the tree. Shake your phone and the apple will drop - just touch the turtle and congratulations!

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    Need More Moron Test Help?

    If theres any part you're unsure of, just leave a comment and we'll let you know how to get past it.

How to Pass The Moron Test

With the Moron Test consisting of 4 sections with more promised, we've covered the tricks and tips needed to pass with as few insults as possible. If you're stuck with any level just refer to our How To guides.
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