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Rockstars Live Tips: Updates

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 10/30/2009

A guide to the Rockstars Live Updates function.

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    Rockstars Live News

    Though Storm8 is known for creating consistently popular titles like Rockstars Live, it is not known for releasing massive updates and giving out a great deal of news to its players. When competing developer PlayMesh releases an update to one of their free text-based iPhone RPGs you better believe that everyone in their network knows about it. If you want to know about Rockstars Live updates that are happening you can easily search for a Rockstars Live blog or news page, but you may want to first look to the internal Rockstars Live updates page that you have built right in. This is going to be your first round of streaming Rockstars Live News

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    Rockstars Live Updates

    When you are at the main Rockstars Live Home page select Updates from the right hand column. This is at the bottom of the column directly under the Rockstars Live News / FAQ page. Inside the Rockstars Live updates page you are really going to see a Rockstars Live blog with the title of Game Updates at the top. What follows is a series of news stories each sorted by date, with the most relevant coming first. Each piece will illustrate in detail exactly what Rockstars Live updates where made on that date. This can be very detailed and go down to very specific mechanisms in the Rockstars Live interface.

    Many of these Rockstars Live news stories will have links to the areas that were updated so you can see what was changed, as well as links to other functions in the game that may help you to customize it. These Rockstars Live news stories and updates come in on a very regular basis, which shows that Storm8 does update Rockstars Live on a regular basis. The only difference here is that they do little updates all the time instead of very large updates once in a while.

    Much of this Rockstars Live blog is going to be attempting to highlight the features that are new and Storm8 thinks you should be excited about, but it should also be an opportunity for you to see what has not been changed so you can communicate with them about what could make it better.

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