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Rockstars Live Tips: Therapy

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 9/18/2009

Here are some tips for using the Rockstars Live Therapy function.

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    MMO Text-Based iPhone RPG

    The reality of the MMO text-based iPhone RPG phenomenon is that they are really very similar games that wrap themselves in different themes. These themes have a varying rate of success. Some alter every aspect of the gameplay, so even though it is identical, it feels fresh some how. This occurs usually when the theme is in depth enough to fully color every single avenue, leaving no area of the game the same as it was in other incarnations. Rockstars Live manifests this consuming theme well and changes enough to the Storm8 design that it feels new again. A great example of this is how it alters the hospital set up, which in this case it names Therapy. Here are some tips for using the Rockstars Live Therapy function.

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    Rockstars Live Therapy

    You are going to find Therapy in the right hand column under Bank and above Help / FAQ. What the Rockstars Live Therapy does is allow you to pay to replace your Confidence. In Rockstars Live Confidence means the same thing as health. It has been mainly changed because people rarely die from a savage series of guitar battles. If you are at full Confidence already, you will be told that when you enter the Rockstars Live Therapy and you will not be able to use the function.

    Once you are not at full Confidence, likely through Battles, you will find that there is a green Restore button in the middle of your Rockstars Live Therapy display. There will also be a price in the button, and that price will be relative to how much Confidence you need restoring as well as your position in Rockstars Live.

    You are required to have money in the Rockstars Live Bank to be able to use Therapy. You cannot just pay your Rockstars Live Therapy bill with spare money, it has to be from the Bank. Make sure that you have a balance in the Rockstars Live Bank before you try to use Therapy, and that the Bank balance is more than the cost of the Therapy.

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    Rockstars Live Money

    Not only is the cost of the Rockstars Live Therapy expensive, but since you have to use the Rockstars Live Bank you also have to pay a ten percent deposit fee on all money you put in. This makes the overall cost of the Rockstars Live Therapy a little unreasonable for most situations. Instead, you need to be selective for when you use it and usually just let your Rockstars Live Confidence replace on its own.

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