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Ninjas Live Tips: Ninjas Live Updates

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 10/21/2009

Here is a guide to using the Ninjas Live Updates feature.

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    Getting the Ninjas Live News

    Storm8's Ninjas Live acts as a constantly changing free text-based iPhone RPG just like the rest of Storm8's library. Instead of having to search online for Ninjas Live news or a complete Ninjas Live blog, they include a very clear Ninjas Live information blog right from within the game. The Ninjas Live Updates features, which can be referred to as an internal Ninjas Live blog, acts as the conference between the players and the developers. It is in here that you receive all of the relevant Ninjas Live news, especially as it applies to every Ninjas Live update that is occurring. Here is a guide to using the Ninjas Live Updates feature.

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    Ninjas Live Updates

    When you are inside Ninjas Live and are in the Home screen, go ahead and select Updates from the right hand column. This Updates button is right under the Vampires Live Help / FAQ and above Settings. The Ninjas Live Updates, which is listed at Game Updates at the top of the blog list, is a series of news pieces that tell you additions to Ninjas Live by date. These Ninjas Live news pieces are usually announcements about updates to the Ninjas Live game design. This ranges from small to large updates, such as major overhauls or just new Mission Masteries or mechanics of using the Ninjas Live Clan Codes. Each piece of news is stacked on top of each other in a scrollable blog format so you can go from most recent down.

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    When you are looking through the Ninjas Live Updates blog you are going to see several items for more recent Ninjas Live Updates. Older posts are near to absent, which marks that the news feature was created fairly recently. Over all this is the best go to spot you are going to have if you want to be consistent about what is going on from Ninjas Live. Without this you will not really be able to stay consistent with the updates. The likelihood is that the Ninjas Live Updates page is going to become even more involved and much more useful. Usually there will be links inside the blog so that you can get visuals of exactly what the Ninjas Live updates have meant for you as a player. There is really no reason to go online in Safari to look at Ninjas Live Blogs anymore.

Ninjas Live

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