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Fighting Online: Ninjas Live Review

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 9/16/2009

Ninjas Live for the iPhone does not invest in new gameplay or a new theme. That may be fine anyway.

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    Popular Ninjas

    Ninjas Live is a new, popular addition to the Storm8 line up. What you can expect from Ninjas Live is exactly what you have gotten with past titles like Racing Live and Rockstars Live with a theme that you may have seemed before. Since PlayMesh has had success with its Ninjas rendition Storm8 though they would forgo any sort of innovation and just tap into the well that other developers have dug and channeled. There is a difficult paradox that happens in this situation as Ninjas Live is a very in depth and quality title in the MMO text-based iPhone RPG genre. The problem lies in the fact that not only is their no gameplay developments, but the Ninjas theme is tired at this point and so non-inventive that it almost feels as though they are insulting our intelligence.

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    Ninjas Live and the Storm8 Model

    Right off the bat you are going to notice the classic Storm8 set up in Ninjas Live if you are familiar to the other Storm8 games. In the home screen you are going to find Clients, which acts as a slightly modified version of the property pay out system that gives you money after a period of time for what you own. You will get experience points and money from Missions and Attack against other Ninjas Live players. You have a Ninjas Live Clan Code system to add people to your Ninjas Live Clan. The Ninjas Live Clan Code system is exactly like any Friend Code system that you find in the rest of the MMO text based iPhone RPGs. Along with this will be the Ancestors, where you go to spend Ninjas Live Honor Points. These Ninjas Live Honor Points work the same way as any cheat point system and you buy them from Storm8. Storm8 tends to give out lots of promotional offers so you can expect free Ninjas Live Honor Points at some point, not to mention new items from simply updating other Storm8 games that you play.

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    Just Maybe

    There is really no reason to run out and get Ninjas Live. If you prefer the Storm8 model and just love Ninja themes then you may want to give this a shot, but there is nothing that stands out for it. Ninjas II from PlayMesh will still stand out as the best Ninjas themed MMO text-based iPhone RPG, so if there is a choice that should be the one you make. Five and a half stars out of ten.

Ninjas Live

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