Vampires Live Tips: Vampires Live Updates

Storm8 and the Update Model

Storm8’s free text-based iPhone RPGs are intended to be non-static, constantly evolving games. This means that they will constantly be subject to updates and revisions that will make them responsive to continued playership and new expectations. This often happens in the Storm8 world only in theory, but there still is an update monitoring mechanism in their titles. Vampires Live, one of the journeymen text-based iPhone RPGs from Storm8, includes a feature internally that lets you monitor possible Vampires Live updates. Here is a guide using the Vampires Live Updates feature.

Vampires Live Updates

When you open up Vampires Live make sure that the Home section is up. Go to the right hand column and select Updates, which is directly under the Vampires Live Help / FAQ and above the Vampires Live Settings. Inside the Vampires Live Updates segment, you are going to see a large list of news regarding Game Updates. This Vampires Live Updates section works like a news feed or blog that constantly gives you informational "updates" about Vampires Live.

This essentially works as the most effective Vampires Live blog as it constantly gives you information about what is happening with Vampires Live. Each new Vampires Live update is listed in this blog format, with each post being organized by date. After that it will give you the details about what was specifically updated in Vampires Live for that specifically dated update. For example, you may see a larger update that will change things like the options for high level abilities or new slaves. There may also be many small Vampires Live updates that will just change the viewing capabilities in a specific screen. All of these will be listed here in this Vampires Live Updates blog.


The best use of the Vampires Live Updates section is that you have the ability to be linked to different updated features. This means that after something new has been included there will often be a direct link so that you can see what was changed. There are many Vampires Live updates that are happening on a consistent basis so keep up on them there.

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