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Vampires Live Tips: Transferring Your Account

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 10/16/2009

Here is a guide on transferring your Vampires Live account from one device to another.

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    Storm8's Vampires Live

    Storm8 intends for their free text-based iPhone RPGs to be played continually. This means that even if you switch the devices you are working on, such as upgrading from the iPhone 3G to the iPhone 3Gs, you should be able to continue with your account. To take care of this Storm8 has installed their free text-based iPhone RPGs with a mechanism to transfer the account between devices. Here is a guide on how to transfer your Vampires Live account from one iPhone or iPod Touch to another.

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    Vampires Live Settings

    When you are starting out in the Home tab in Vampires Live, find and select the Settings button. The Vampires Live Settings button is in the right hand column, directly under the Vampires Live Updates button. When you are in the Vampires Live Settings select the Storm8 tab from the middle of the options. This will be in between the General and Blocked List tabs.

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    Transferring Your Vampires Live Account

    Once you are in the Storm8 tab you will be asked to create a Storm8 account if you do not have one. Once you create one you will have one permanently for all Storm8 games, not just Vampires Live. Once you do this, or if you have already done this, you will be logged in and can start the transferring process. Hit the Start / Resume Transfer button toward the top. You will then be asked to select if you are on the Old Device or the New Device. Once you select one of these it will give you a step by step set of instructions for what to do next.

    If you are going from Old Device to New Device, which tends to be the more standard way, you simply have to download and open Vampires Live on the New Device. Then you log into your Storm8 account from inside Vampires Live and hit the Transfer button and it will complete the process. If you are on the New Device just go into your Old Device, open up Vampires Live, go into Settings and Storm8, make sure you are logged in, and hit Transfer. This is an easy process that you can do more than once.