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Guide to The Godfather's Free Promotional Offers

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 8/13/2009

Here is a guide to new promotions from The Godfather for iMob Online, Girl Wars Online, iVampires Online and iKnights Online.

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    From The Godfather

    The Godfather coordinates promotional offers the same way that Storm8 and PlayMesh do. Each game has its own cheat point that they sell to players. This is the only way that The Godfather is then able to ensure profit from their free iPhone games. These cheat points can be relatively expensive and so any chance that you have to get them free is important to committed players. Here are some of the top offers from The Godfather that are giving away these points without charge.

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    iMob Online Free Respect Points

    iMob Online is The Godfather’s oldest and most popular MMO text-based iPhone RPG. Currently there are several iMob Online free Respect Points packages made available. Along with each of these free Respect Points sets is a small update. This way you get an upgrade in iMob Online technical interface along with a free Respect Point chaser. You can download and install each of these iMob Online free Respect Points packages once.

    iMob 10 Free Respect Points

    iMob 33 Free Respect Points

    iMob Machine Guns and Free Respect Points

    iMob 23 Free Respect Points

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    Girl Wars Online Free Fashion Points

    Girl Wars Online is a uniquely themed MMO text-based iPhone RPG from The Godfather, and free Fashion Points for it are now available. Girl Wars Online 40 Fashion Points gives you a slight upgrade to your account along with your free Fashion Points. These are more crucial in Girl Wars Online so checking for free Fashion Points are an important thing to look for.

    Girl Wars Online 40 Free Fashion Points

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    iVampires Online Free Nobility Points

    iVampires Online is The Godfather’s Vampire themed MMO text-based iPhone RPG and a free Nobility Points package has been made available. iVampires 20 Nobility gives the user twenty free Nobility Points. This free Nobility Points package is relatively old, which indicates that another free Nobility Points package is on the horizon.

    iVampirs Online 25 Free Nobility Points

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    iKnights Online Free Magic Points

    iKnights Online, though one of the less popular free iPhone games from The Godfather, has a set of free Magic Points. These free Magic Points come in force with iKnights 40 Magic FREE. This puts this free Magic Points package on par with Girl Wars Online’s free Fashion Points package. There is also a smaller older set of free Magic Points available for iKnights Online.

    iKnights 40 Free Magic Points

    iKnights 15 Free Magic Points

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