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Guide to Top PlayMesh Promotional Offers

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 8/13/2009

Here is a guide to promotional offers of free PlayMesh Points for Street Racers, Wizards, iPirates and iMafia II. Each section includes links to the free PlayMesh Points downloads.

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    PlayMesh Promo

    PlayMesh, the epic MMO text-based iPhone RPG developer, is following the lead of other successful game designers like Storm8 and The Godfather. Here they are releasing some of their PlayMesh Points free as promotional packages for a few different of their games. Here is an overview of the current free PlayMesh Points promotional offers that are dominating the top download spots in the App Store RPG game section.

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    Street Racers Free PlayMesh Points

    The top PlayMesh promotion right now is for Street Racers, which is the most current incarnation of iRacing or Race Wars. These free PlayMesh Points are part of a promotional offer for Street Racers to provoke people to keep playing and update their account. Street Racers 20 PlayMesh Points are completely free PlayMesh Points, so this is the best place to be when you are playing.

    Street Racers 20 PlayMesh Points

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    Wizards Free PlayMesh Points

    Later on down the top download list are free PlayMesh Points for one of PlayMesh’s newest titles, Wizards. Wizards 10 PlayMesh Points is a fairly modest amount of free PlayMesh Points for Wizards players. There is not much else to this PlayMesh promotional offer other than the free PlayMesh Points, though this definitely warrants the download.

    Wizards 10 PlayMesh Points

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    iPirates Free PlayMesh Points

    After the free PlayMesh Points for Wizards is a comparatively small free PlayMesh Points package for iPirates. iPirates 10 PlayMesh Points works similar to the free PlayMesh Points package that was available for Wizards. These free PlayMesh Points are in an effort to continue playership on iPirates and there should be more free PlayMesh Points made available soon.

    iPirates 10 PlayMesh Points

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    iMafia II Free PlayMesh Points

    The more classic games, like iMafia II, make an appearance in this flood of free PlayMesh Points. iMafia II 20 PlayMesh Points is a set of free PlayMesh Points is a little more attractive than those released for Wizards and iPirates. The larger number of free PlayMesh Points is mainly to maintain interest in iMafia II, whose base iMafia is the oldest game in the PlayMesh library.

    iMafia 20 PlayMesh Points

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    PlayMesh Updates

    If you have not updated to iMafia II, Ninjas II, Star Command II, Street Racers or Vampires II, then these should be the first places you look. All of these will include some free PlayMesh Points when they are installed.