Best Streaming Radio Apps for the iPhone: 3 Free Options to Choose From

Streaming Radio on Your iPhone

Satellite and internet radio have both sparked the interest in the “uncontrollable” push medium of the past. Though the advent of the mp3 demands help to further push radio over to specialization and talk formats, now that you get such diversity and clarity on any device it seems that radio may be back at little risk. Now we see cars getting equipped with satellite receivers, people listening to streaming radio from websites, and pod casts have taken over as the new “it” thing for bored adolescents. This extends to mp3 players and cell phones, which only recently began coming fully equipped to handle different forms of radio broadcast. Now a simple app search will reveal a number of programs specifically curtailed to bring radio to your iPhone. This list includes 3 of the best radio apps that are available for free.


One of the most simple of these is the Virgin radio application. Coming from the “independent” mega-label turned airfare giant, the application consists of a basic graphic and audio. When you open it, music starts playing, and you do not have to do anything else but adjust the volume and close it when you want it to be done. Though the selection is pretty diverse, you may have a difficult time listening to the rock mix because it often has trouble actually connecting.

Public Radio Tuner

The Public Radio Tuner from American Public Media may be one of the best radio applications you can get. This gives you streaming radio from public radio stations from around the country, which gives you more options than most others. Since there are over a 150 possible stations to choose from you really don’t have to settle, and with the specialization of the application those who need public radio will be able to get something that really is not offered online or through satellite radio. There is also a Minnesota Public Radio application offered, but unless you live in Minnesota you may just want to stick with the Public Radio Tuner.


For Internet radio the Flycast Mobile Network really comes with the numbers. Over a thousand stations, each with its own specialty and ability to pause and control songs while they are playing live. The application makes it easy to find what you want with search and favorites mechanisms, as well as being able to use guides for channels, cities, and genres. It is occasionally slow to load, but it tends to be worth it.

Even More

There are a number of single channel radio applications, especially for regional stations. Applications like Radio Javan, Classical Philippines Radio, and WRN radio all have single stations that will appeal to a specific section of the possible audience. These should be navigated through before downloaded; otherwise you may end up with fifteen pages of applications. Along with these are a number of options that cost money, but it seems hard to justify their purchase since there are so many that are still free.

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