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How to Make Marble Background Tiles using Pixlr Online Image Editor

written by: J.C. Wilkinson•edited by: Ronda Bowen•updated: 6/12/2010

If you want a classy look for you webpages, marble background tiles are just the thing you need. Create them easily without image editing software using Pixlr.

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    Marble Background Tiles are Easy to Make with Pixlr

    Marble backgrounds are nice for webpages, especially if you have a more formal look. A marble background adds a touch of class to your webpage, and says a lot about you and what you are promoting.

    Using the filters and tools in Pixlr online image editor, you can create marble background tiles in just a few steps.

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    Step 1: Create and Color Your Background Tile

    Create a new image sized 120 X 120 pixels, and choose a color using the foreground/background boxes at the bottom of the Tools palette. Flood fill the image with this color.

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    Step 2: Marbelize Your Background Tile

    Use Filter -> Halftone and change the Point size to 3 and the Mutiplier to 18, click the "Inverse" box. Click OK.

    Choose Filter -> Diffuse. Change Amount to 20. Click OK.

    Choose Filter -> Diffuse. Default amount of 5. Click OK.

    Choose Filter -> Kaleidescope with all three sliders set to 50.

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    Step 3: Add Some Cracks to Your Background Tile

    From the tools palette, choose the paintbrush. Change the paintbrush size to 3 Invert the Foreground/Background colors so that the foreground color is white.

    Draw a few (3 is usually enough) squiggly "crack" throughout the image, keeping theme -> diffuse and change the setting to 10. Click OK.

    You may have to undo and play with this to get it the way you want it so that it does not look bad when you tile it. I suggest not putting the lines too close to the edges.

    The final step is to choose Filter -> blur twice to soften the look of the tile.

    Now choose Save, name your tile and save it to the appropriate folder on your computer. You are all set to use your tile to create a classy, distinctive background for your webpage.

    By experimenting with the tools, you can create any number of beautiful marble and other patterned tiles for your webpage with Pixlr.