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How to Shrink Images Using Pixlr Online Image Editor

written by: J.C. Wilkinson•edited by: Ronda Bowen•updated: 6/12/2010

When you just need to shrink images to use online for websites, emails, or avatars, there is no need to open your bulky image editing software. Pixlr is a wonderfully easy and efficient online picture editor that will resize an image in less time that it takes for your bulky photo editing software

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    Getting Started on Pixlr

    Go to the website at and click on your country's flag. This brings up a screen with three options. Click on Open Image from Computer.

    This brings up your computers file browsing screen. To upload the image to the pixlr screen, locate the image you want to shrink then simply highlight the name and click "open". Be patient, as this may take awhile, depending on the size of the image and your internet speed.

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    Viewing Your Image with Pixlr

    If your picture is too large for the screen, use the slider in the Navigator box to the right. Move it to the left until your image is the size you want to work with.

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    How to Shrink Images with Pixlr

    Click "Image" on the top menu bar, and you will get a dropdown with several options. Choose "Image Size", which opens a screen with the current dimensions (width and height) of your picture. Checking "Constrain Proportions" maintains your current width to height ratio.

    Highlight the width box and change the numbers to your desired width. With "Constraint Proportions" checked, the Height number will change automatically. Otherwise, change height just as you changed width. When the height and width for your resized image are acceptable, click "OK".

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    Saving Your Resized Image on Pixlr

    To save the resized image, On the "File" menu, click "Save" or you may use Ctrl-S. The next screen will let you choose an image format. Pixlr supports JPG, PNG, BMP, or PXD. Name your image, and use the slider to choose image quality. The quality preset is 80% reduces the size of the image without affecting quality. Change it to 100% if you are saving the picture to edit again later . Click "OK", and wait for the computer files screen to appear to choose the location to save your image.

    Always recheck the image name, to make sure it transferred to this screen correctly. Click "Save" and you're done shrinking your image.

    Now that you've learned how to shrink images using Pixlr online image editor, you an see that it's easy and quick compared to most photo editing software. Better yet, it's free!