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A Guide to Enhancing Any Website With Remotely Hosted Scripts Part III: A Review of Various Remotely Hosted Script Services

written by: Niki Fears•edited by: Robin L.•updated: 10/21/2008

A great directory of resources for finding remotely hosted scripts to help you enhance your web site.

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    Now that in the first two parts of this series, you learned what remotely hosted scripts are and what they can do for your website, the next question is: Where do you find remotely hosted scripts? There are many options available and in this final part of the series we will look at a quick review of some of the best sites out there for free remotely hosted scripts.

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    Remotely Hosted Script Service Providers:

    Bravenet: Perhaps one of the most popular sources for free web development tools. They offer a wide range of services including blogs, forums, polls, guest maps, password gates, news headlines, web cartoons, horoscopes, this day in history, and several other features. They are all highly customizable and there is a paid upgrade available if you want more control over the applications.

    CGI Spy: This is one of the top remotely hosted script providers offering easy to use tools for adding auctions, chat rooms, voting booths, password protection, and many other features to your site with simple cut and paste.

    WWW Toolz: This site offers a handful of useful tools such as site news and an easy FAQ manager.

    Your CGI: Offers a small selection of scripts including free clocks and date scripts that can be easily used on your site.

    Script Socket: This handy little site offers a little over a dozen scripts including randomizers, counters, and others.

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    Directories of Other Services:

    Hot Scripts: This is perhaps one of the largest script directories on the net. The remotely hosted script section lists several hundred entries for just about every type of application that you can think of such as affiliate programs, groups ware, audio generators, calendars, forums, classifieds, guestbooks, banner exchanges, news publishing, tests, postcards, and tons of other great web development tools.

    Big Webmaster: Includes a list of remotely hosted services from a variety of providers including classifieds, calendars, stats, and more.

    CGI Resource Index: This is another great resource for finding remotely hosted script providers. With dozens of listings in multiple categories including counters, ad management, password protection, surveys, and many others.

    Script Gateway: Offers hundreds of listings for services ranging from chatrooms, web statistics, interactive stories, link checkers, and several others. Well worth a visit. This directory of remotely hosted script services list both free and paid services ranging from ad management, community building, content management, educational scripts, chat rooms, games, and more.

    Scriptity: Another large directory of great scripts including clock scripts, voting booths, countdowns, networking, interactive stories, and several other great features.