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A Guide to Enhancing Any Website With Remotely Hosted Scripts Part I

written by: Niki Fears•edited by: Robin L.•updated: 10/14/2008

Learn what remotely hosted scripts are and how they can enhance your website.

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    If you are relying on a hosting service, either a free service or paid hosting plans, you often run into the problem of having limited access for installing and running a variety of scripts to enhance your web site. In this three part series; however, we will look at remotely hosted scripts which are a great and easy to use tool that users of any level can use to enhance their web site, even if they have no scripting ability.

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    What Are Remotely Hosted Scripts?

    As the name implies, remotely hosted scripts are simply scripts that are hosted on someone else's server and host. You utilize this service by putting a code that they generate for you into your site and then the page remotely loads the application from the service provider's host instead of your own.

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    How To Use Remotely Hosted Scripts

    Most programs and hosting services will allow you to easily insert code using simple HTML to make use of these convenient services. Even if you are using a WYSIWYG web editor to design your web site you can still take advantage of remotely hosted scripts by selecting the “insert HTML code" feature that is available with most web editing programs. The simple copy and paste use of the script means that anyone of any level can use them, regardless of their level of technical knowledge.

    Best of all, most of the remotely hosted script services can be used completely free of charge, making them a quick and affordable way to add a variety of enhancements to your website. And many of the services available allow you to customize the settings for the look and feel of the particular application that you are using so that it can blend easily with your web site.

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    The Benefits of Using Remotely Hosted Scripts

    Using remotely hosted scripts is a great way to enhance your website. They can add active content to your website, encourage interaction and feedback from your visitors, provide entertaining and “sticky" pages for your site that will keep visitors coming back to your site again and again, and can make your site much richer and more user friendly.

    Also, since all of the data and information is hoted on an outside server instead of your own host, you do not have to worry about how much space the application is taking up or compatibility issues with your host. You can simply add the services that you want, and leave all of the technical issues to someone else.

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    To learn more about the types of enhancements and applications that you can add to your web site by using remotely hosted scripts be sure to read part two in this series on enhancing your web site with the large number of free and easy to use remotely hosted script services that are available today.