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Google Analytics Reports: Top Exit Pages

written by: Lucinda Watrous•edited by: Laura Jean Karr•updated: 3/13/2010

Just as knowing where your visitors come into your site is important, so is knowing where your visitors leave your site.The Top Exit Pages report will help you understand where people are leaving your site from so you will be able to make changes to your site accordingly.

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    Report Overview

    This report is accessible by logging into your analytics dashboard, clicking Content and then clicking Top GA Content Exit Exit Pages. The report looks something like this:

    This report will show you the pages people leave on, the page views, the exits, and the exit percentage. Clicking on each link in the list of exit pages will provide you with the more detailed report with information on tExitPages Detail he navigation path, and landing page optimization information.

    The detailed report will look something like this.With the information in these reports, you are armed with an arsenal of tools to help improve your site based on what your users are telling you through their browsing actions.

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    Making this Report Work for You

    The information on this report is very valuable to you in regards to the success of your website. For instance, if you notice the entrance page is the same as the exit page, you know people are not staying on the site long enough to look around. If you notice people leaving from the home page, you may want to make some changes, because chances are they aren't viewing many other, if any, parts of the site.

    If you see a large percentage of the exits coming from the same page, logically where you want to see your visitors leaving the site, you are doing something right and should not change too much around. The thing to remember is any changes may adversely affect your site metrics, just as any change may improve them. Carefully alter the site based on what research tells you needs to be done, changing one thing at a time until you are sure you have pinpointed the cause of the negative trend.

    Pay close attention to your advertising to see if it is affecting the page people are coming in on, as this can also affect the page people decide to leave on.

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