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Designing Ads for Success

written by: •edited by: Rebecca Scudder•updated: 10/24/2008

When planning an ad campaign with Google AdWords, formulating ideas can sometimes be difficult. The secret lies in designing ads for success by using tried and true methods. Poorly designed ads can cost you significant money because your advertising campaign won't be as effective as it can be.

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    With all the advertising competition on the internet, it's vital to pay attention your ad design for a successful Google AdWords campaign. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to successfully design your advertisements so you can expect positive results. You must take into consideration several variables when designing ads for any type of advertising campaign. Well designed advertisements can make the difference between profit and loss for your business.


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    Select a Catchy Phrase

    The first step is to think of a short yet catchy phrase. This is the case no matter if you are advertising on Google via text ads, banner ads, video ads or any other format. The attention span of someone on the Internet is incredibly short, which has been made even shorter by high-speed connections. When a page is loaded, you may have only a matter of seconds to catch the viewer’s attention. Phrases should be no longer than five or six words and contain powerful language. Avoid any passive phrases or clichés that are easily ignored.

    For example, if you are advertising low priced computer, you want a powerful catch phrase to appear right away. Instead of trying to put information such as specific prices or specific models for sale, consider a phrase such as “Cheap Computers Priced to Sell”. Such a phrase cuts straight to the point and is instantly eye-catching.

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    Use Your Business Name

    When writing your ad, you must name your business or website somewhere on the advertisement. This is important because even if the viewer doesn’t click on your ad, you can at least gain name recognition. Name recognition is something that may not pay off right away, but it is a marketing strategy with proven long term result.

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    Make Your Website User-Friendly

    Finally, be sure that the landing page of the advertisement is clean and easy to use. In the computer example, you’d want the landing page to have prices of computers and an easy way to purchase the computers. Leading viewers to a complicated landing page with too much information and not an easy enough readability can result in a lot of wasted visits.

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    Sample AdWords Ad

    Effective Ad