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Basic Google AdWords Features

written by: •edited by: Misty Faucheux•updated: 10/22/2008

Learn about all the available features from Google AdWords in order to make your advertising campaign as successful as possible. Here you will learn about some of the most important features of Google AdWords.

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    While running a Google AdWords campaign is quite easy, it is important to learn all the basic features before you begin. These features are important to ensure that you are using all of the powerful tools Google provides to their fullest extent.

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    Clicks vs Impressions

    One of the first features that you should consider is the distinction between cost-per-click and cost-per-impression ads. While most advertisers use the cost-per-click method, the cost-per-impression method is sometimes found to offer an even better bang for your buck.

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    Daily Budget

    The daily budget feature is very important. This allows you to indicate how much you want to spend on a daily basis. For example, you if you set this to $20, Google guarantees that you won’t spend more than $20 in a day. Once that number is achieved, your Google ads will stop appearing on the Internet. You can set this number to as little as one penny per day!

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    Targeted Ads

    A number of features are available that allow you to further target who will see your ads. These methods include a geographical target and a time-of-day target. The geographical target will send you traffic from a specific region of the world while the time-of-day target will make sure your ads appear only during certain time blocks.

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    Tracking Your Success

    Creating and managing is made easy with a number of Google AdWords features. You can create many different ads and track their success to help find the best ones. You can make certain keyword phrases using certain ads. You can also exclude Web sites in which you don’t want your ads to appear.

    The reports that indicate how your ads are performing are crucial. They give you specific information that tells you exactly where your advertising dollars are being spent. As you fine tune each feature, you can make your advertising campaign more and more effective.