Why Local Businesses Should Use Google AdWords: The Benefits of Geotargeting

Why Local Businesses Should Use Google AdWords: The Benefits of Geotargeting
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AdWords is for Local Business Too

A common misconception is that Google AdWords is only for large corporations with millions of dollars to spend in advertising. Another misconception is that Google AdWords is only for national and international business. The truth is that local businesses, even those small businesses with a limited budget, should definitely try Google AdWords. With the growth of people searching the internet on a daily basis to find local restaurants, auto repair shops, or even beauty salons, these types of small businesses can benefit by showing up when someone searches.

If you properly utilize each tool that Google AdWords offers, you can promote a local business with only a couple dollars a day. The most important tool for local business is the geographical tool. The geographical tool, which is called geotargeting, allows advertisers to select specific cities or regions. Once selected, their ads will only appear to Internet users who are located in the chosen geographical areas.

Tips for a Small Business Using AdWords

For example, if you want to advertise for a car dealership in Seattle, Washington, you can simply tell Google that you want your ads to only shown to Internet users who are located in the city of Seattle. You could also opt to include neighboring cities or even the whole state of Washington.

The options don’t stop there for local businesses. If even a city isn’t a narrow enough target for your business, you can fine tune your targeting even more. For example, if you have a Chinese food restaurant, and you only want to target those people who live in a ten mile radius of your restaurant, Google now gives you that option.

Advertising budget constraints are not much of a worry when using Google AdWords. With available daily budgets starting at as little as one cent per day, any sized business can reap the rewards from this brand of advertising. Even a couple hundred dollars a month to start off with can drive a large amount of highly targeted traffic to your local business. The most important part for local businesses is to figure out which areas to target that will bring customers who are interested in your specific business.

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