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What to Look for in a Home Karaoke Machine & Recommendations

written by: Tia Ahmed•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 5/22/2011

There are many different home karaoke machines that use different technologies and have different features. So, how do you know which home karaoke machine is worth buying? This article will help you decide.

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    The Home Karaoke Machine

    Singing Machine ISM1010 

    The home karaoke machine or system is designed to provide a good time for any occasion. There is a difference when saying home karaoke machine and home karaoke system. Usually, the home karaoke machine is a separate entity and comes with its own device, such as speakers and a CD player, however, some people may confuse the term and not include a device simply due to the fact that it is not all built into one machine like the ones found in arcades or restaurants.

    Most machines are parts to a whole system. All home karaoke machines come with similar parts, such as microphone, CD player, a remote, and various audio functions that are either built in to the monitor or it does not come with a separate monitor, but has the audio buttons on the player itself.

    Sometimes, it's easier to buy one of two parts from one company and find its compatible partner in another more affordable company. For instance, you could buy a CD player, which is the heart of the karaoke machine, then buy the microphone and speakers from another company.

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    There are three very important factors relating to the purchase of a home karaoke machine. The first thing to note is price. Can one afford the machine and does it live up to its value? With the introduction to online purchases and online shopping, one can easily find a used or heavily discounted home karaoke machine virtually anywhere. One of the things to note is that higher prices do not always mean the best quality, for example the Acesonic AM-888 500-Watt is expensive at almost $2,000 whereas the Singing Machine ISM1010 is priced well under $1,000 at about $260 while both come with different functions and the Acesonic AM-888 500-Watt may have additional features from the Singing Machine, but they both come with separate speakers, CD player, remote, etc.



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    Functions and Features Wise

    The second thing to note is the function features and how compatible the device is with your home theater or TV system. If you are looking for something advanced, then be prepared to play a lot of money for top quality brands, such as the Acesonic. Machines such as the Singing Machine provide basic functions for those who want to have a small party and not try to overdo the machine's uses. The better the brand, the better the sound quality; however, one could buy some parts of the Acesonic machine somewhere and then use more affordable priced parts for the rest.

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    Sound Wise

    Lastly, the sound is important. Depending on how loud you want to get your machine to go, you should see the Watt of the machine to get a general idea of how much power it requires first. Although not always the case, the more power it uses, the louder the machine would be. Also, one function, known as multiplex, separates the vocals from the music and this is needed if the CDs used are not made for karaoke. In the end, however, when deciding on getting a machine, try to include other factors, such as the mobility of the device, would you want to take it around the house or to other places, or have it stuck against a wall somewhere? Either way, every machine is different and its usage is equally different and it all depends on the buyer's specific needs.

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    Almost all Singing Machine products are wonderful. They are affordable, has great mobility, can come with separate standing machines, such as the Singing Machine STVG-999 Pedestal Karaoke System with Tower Speakers, Camera, Monitor, and Radio for about $500. Other machines offer the same choices, but can be as expensive as in the thousands, whereas this company has it all packaged unlike most of the Acesonic products that do not come with stands, but offer more audio quality features with faster load times than the Singing Machine, which may not always carry the multiplex function.

    Other options are available in the form of iPod technology. There are various machines and speaker systems that offer iPod docking and music features and Singing Machine has a model like that as well. On the other hand, a lesser known brand, VocoPro, offers a separate machine for audio and offers a more complex sound enhancing feature than either of the previous companies, but everything else is the same. The pricing is also moderate, but the quality of its sound may be more appealing for those who want a better sound system without paying a lot of money and the VocoPro can be found in various websites with prices currently ranging from $559 to $800.

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