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How to Add Hyperlinks to an Access 2007 Database

written by: John Garger•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 9/25/2010

Adding a hyperlink to an Access 2007 data table is a simple procedure. Learn how to edit a data field to accept a hyperlink in Access 2007.

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    In the first article in this series of four, we discussed five major types of hyperlink protocols that can be added to an Access 2007 database. We looked at File, FTP, HTTP, MailTo, and News hyperlink protocols and briefly discussed how you can use each type of hyperlink protocol in a database.

    This article discusses how to add a hyperlink into an Access 2007 database. Before adding a hyperlink into Access 2007, you must first choose a field where the hyperlink will reside and then tell Access that a hyperlink will reside there. You do this by editing the field data type so that the Access will know to expect hyperlinks in your chosen field.

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    Editing an Access 2007 Field Data Type to Accept Hyperlinks

    Figure 1 - Add a New Field to Access 2007 Before you can add a hyperlink to a record in Access 2007, you must first create a new field in one of the data tables in the database. Open up any table into which you would like to add a hyperlink and double click on the last column in your table that reads ADD NEW FIELD (see Figure 1). Then name your field anything you like. In this example, we have named the field “web pages."

    Now, switch to DESIGN VIEW by clicking the VIEW button on the HOME tab of the Access 2007 Ribbon. Here, you will see each of your fields in the table listed in the first column with their data types listed in the second column. Go to the new field you just created and click the DATA TYPE of that field. Then click on the DOWN ARROW in that cell and choose HYPERLINK (see Figure 2).

    Figure 2 - Choose Hyperlink Data Type for an Access 2007 Field Essentially, what you have just done is told Access 2007 to expect hyperlinks to reside within that particular field in your database. Now you can add hyperlinks to your data table and be certain that Access will know what to do with them.

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    Inserting a Hyperlink into an Access 2007 Data Table

    Figure 3 - Adding a Hyperlink to an Access 2007 Database Now go back to DESIGN VIEW by click on the VIEW BUTTON on the Access 2007 Ribbon (see Figure 1 again). Click on the first cell within your new hyperlink field and put in any web address you like. For our purposes, we have placed a link to Bright Hub (see Figure 3).

    Notice that right within the field’s cell, the hyperlink looks just as you would expect it to. Normally, the link will appear blue on hyperlinks that have not been visited yet and purple for those links that have been visited. Keep in mind that these colors may be different depending on your Windows settings.

    Regardless of the color, hyperlinks in an Access 2007 still have the familiar underline just like on a web page so you know that it is a hyperlink and not just text.

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    Adding a hyperlink to an Access 2007 database is simple once you have edited a field’s data type to accept hyperlinks. Remember that you are not restricted to only HTTP hyperlinks. Access 2007 can store File, FTP, HTTP, MailTo, and News hyperlinks as well.

    Remember always to change the field’s data type to HYPERLINK where you want the link to reside. Otherwise, Access 2007 will not automatically recognize or convert the text to a hyperlink even if the text has the HTTP:// prefix.

    This is where Access 2007 and Word 2007 differ. Access 2007 does not have an autocorrect or autotype feature that recognizes that you intended for some text to be a link. You must explicitly tell Access to expect a hyperlink by changing the field’s data type.

Adding, Formatting, Editing, and Testing Hyperlinks in an Access 2007 Database

The first article explores the different types of hyperlinks you can store in an Access 2007 database. The second article shows you how to add hyperlinks to Access 2007. The third article discusses formatting the hyperlinks. The fourth article shows you how to edit and test the hyperlinks.
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