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A Glossary of Windows Terms – “X”, “Y”, and “Z”

written by: Joli Ballew•edited by: Rebecca Scudder•updated: 12/31/2008

Windows terms that start with the letters “X”, “Y”, and “Z” and are used often in the Bright Hub Windows channel.

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    X Terminal – A computer that does not have a disk drive and can offer an inexpensive interface to a company server, the Internet, or other network resource.

    X86 – A series of computer processors that include the Pentium line, Celeron line, and Athlon line that can be used in all Windows-based PCs, Mac OSX, and more.

    Xbox – A video game system developed by Microsoft in 2001. An Xbox can also be used as a media extender on a home network for the purpose of sharing media among users.

    XD Picture card – A memory card about the size of a stamp that can be inserted in compatible cameras and similar devices for the purpose of storing data.

    XM – Satellite radio that offers hundreds of channels, many of which have no commercial interruptions. XM radio is a subscription service.

    XML – Extensible Markup Language. A more flexible markup language than HTML, XML can be used in areas other than Web documents and is a technology available in the Microsoft Office 2007 suite.

    Yahoo! – A popular Internet search engine, directory, and web mail site.

    Y2K – A term that refers to the year 2000 when technological problems arose due to the way the dates were programmed. For instance, a date with the year 99 (in 1999) may be construed as the year 1900 when the date changed to 00.

    Zap – When a computer component is “zapped” it has been damaged by static electricity or an electric current. The term is also used in the phrase "Zap the Pram", which is a troubleshooting task applied to Mac computers when you want to reset the Mac's parameter random access memory.

    Z Machine – A virtual machine created to run virtual tutorials and interactive programs.

    Zine – A term used to represent a magazine made available on the Web. It is short for electronic magazine.

    ZIP – A technology used to compress files. WinZip is a popular zipping application.

    Zoom – The ability to make the information in a window or on a Web site smaller or larger.

    ZUNE – Microsoft’s answer to the iPod, a musical platform for managing, sharing, and taking music with you, no matter where you are.