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A Glossary of Windows Terms – “Q”

written by: Joli Ballew•edited by: Rebecca Scudder•updated: 12/31/2008

Windows terms that start with the letter “Q” and are used often in the Bright Hub Windows channel.

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    Quality of Service (QoS) – A set of techniques and protocols for managing network services for a large corporation or business.

    Quark – The company that makes QuarkXpress, which is a popular page layout program.

    Quattro – The original name applied to Microsoft’s Windows Home Server. Windows Home Server is a server product created for home users for the purpose of backing up data and managing users.

    Query – To request information from a database or to sort database results.

    Queue – Often used to define documents in a list waiting to be printed. As print requests are sent to the printer, the printer software puts them in a queue and prints them in order (barring any special rights or permissions applied to the creator of those documents).

    Queue Element – An item in a queue, such as a message waiting to be sent or a document waiting to be printed.

    Quick Launch – An area of the Taskbar that can be enabled to access programs on a Windows-based PC quickly. You can drag and drop icons from the Start menu or Desktop to the Quick Launch area to add them.

    Quick Tabs – A feature of Internet Explorer that allows you to see all open tabs in a single window. Quick tabs offers thumbnails of open tabs which can be clicked on to return to the tab quickly.

    QuickTime – A free application created by Apple for playing and managing multimedia data including but not limited to movies and video.

    QuickTime Pro – An upgrade to QuickTime, but not a free one. QuickTime Pro offers additional features and video capabilities.

    Quick Views – In various Windows applications, a quick view menu offers a fast and easy way to change the view in a window. Often, you’ll change between thumbnails, lists, details, etc.

    Quiet Mode – In Vista, Quiet Mode is offered as a way to silence User Account Control without actually turning it off. With Quiet Mode, administrators are not prompted (when logged on as administrators) to click Continue to verify a system change.

    QWERTY – A term used to describe a specific type of keyboard. QWERTY describes the layout of the keys on the top left row of all standard keyboards.