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A Selection of the Best Network Security Software for Mac OS X Leopard

written by: DeborahWoehr•edited by: Michael Dougherty•updated: 1/9/2011

Macs have never been safe from viruses. I know this from indirect experience, when one of my managers turned on his old Mac and found it unusable due to a virus. So why not check out the list of software below to see best network security software for mac os x leopard?

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    Internet Security Barrier X6 for Mac

    Photo Credit: Intego Internet Security Barrier X6 for Mac offers a comprehensive protection suite for your computer and network. New features of the VirusBarrier X6 include a two-way firewall that detects and eradicates malware; antivandal and web threat protection that will protect users from intrusions, attacks and malicious web pages; Dynamic Code Monitoring, which detects suspicious actions that are carried out by potentially malicious applications as well as malware by examining its code in real time; and more.

    The ContentBarrier 10.6 is a control program that can be used for protecting children and businesses from unauthorized use of the Internet. Personal Backup 10.6 backs up all of your important data, whether you store it on your hard drive or your iPod. Personal Antispam 10.6 will help you monitor your incoming email so that you do not get deluged with unwanted advertisements, porn, etc. FileGuard 10.6 will store your sensitive files in secure virtual safes.

    Source: Intego

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    Norton AntiVirus 11 for Mac

    Photo credit: Norton Norton AntiVirus 11 will automatically detect and remove the latest viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, worms, bots and rootkits. It will also scan and clean downloaded files as well as email attachments and protect against software and Internet vulnerabilities.

    Source: Norton

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    Sophos Endpoint Security and Data Protection

    Photo credit: Sophos While you can get the free version of Sophos, the Endpoint Security and Data Protection will help ensure that your network has added protection. Endpoint Security and Data Protection allows you to set policies for managed, contractor and guest computers. It will also check for updates on all antivirus and security applications, plus Microsoft/Windows update patches.

    Endpoint Security and Data Protection will prevent unprotected or unauthorized computers from accessing your network because it is agent-based. This means that only those computers that match with your security compliance policy will be able to access your network.

    Source: Sophos

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    BitDefender Antivirus 2011 for Mac

    Photo credit: BitDefender BitDefender uses minimal system resources as it protects your computers against viruses, phishing attacks and spyware. Schedule your deep scans while you and your colleagues are at home. The next day, check for quarantined files and send any that you find to the Antivirus Lab for further investigation.

    Source: BitDefender

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    McAfee Network Threat Response

    Photo credit: McAfee McAfee Network Threat Response software will give security analysts a powerful forensic tool to analyze an attack an recreate the steps that created it. This software will dissect the threat in near real-time to understand how an attack is entering your network, how it operates and how it tries to spread throughout your network.

    200 new signatures are added to an 18,000+ signature database each month in order to help block potential malware attacks against your network. Integrate the Network Threat Response with enforcement applications such as McAfee’s Network Security Platform or Firewall Enterprise to prevent further infection of your network’s files.

    Source: McAfee

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    I have given you some resources to research for the best network security software for OS X. While there are some free tools available, such as Sophos, NoobProof and ClamXav, they may or may not give you the optimum protection needed to protect your network and your business. Check these out, along with the software on this roundup to see what will work for you.