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Mac Antivirus Software Solutions

written by: Stephanie Mojica•edited by: Lamar Stonecypher•updated: 2/25/2010

Getting virus protection for Mac computers is just as important as getting an antivirus program for a PC. Fortunately, several Mac antivirus software solutions exist that are neither expensive nor complicated to install.

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    ClamXav is a free virus checking software program for Mac OS X systems. The open source software programmers note on their website that usually no viruses exist that are designed to attack Mac OS X computers. However, it notes that people should not become complacent and should secure some type of virus protection for Mac computers.

    As of February 2010, Apple enthusiasts can download and install the thoroughly tested version 1.1.1 or try the upgraded 2.0 program. However, keep in mind that the 2.0 ClamXav program is still under beta testing and may not be as smooth of a ride as one might hope.


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    Norton AntiVirus 11 for Macintosh

    Some computer users may prefer to stick with a tried-and-true commercial brand for their Mac antivirus software solutions. Past Windows users are probably familiar with Norton, which does offer a Macintosh-oriented program. However, the fee is about $50 as of February 2010. Compared to most computer software programs on the market, this is a reasonable price. Also considering the price of fixing or replacing an Apple computer, $50 for virus protection is really not much to spend.

    System requirements for the most updated Norton program include at least Mac OS X 10.4.11 operating software, 512 megabytes of RAM and 250 megabytes of available hard disk space. You can order and download the program online, and Norton offers step-by-step software installation guidance as well as updates. The purchase also includes full technical support. If necessary, the technicians at Norton can connect directly to your computer (if you have high-speed Internet access) to resolve any software-related problems.

    Norton AntiVirus 11 for Macintosh

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    avast! Mac Edition

    Another popular program in the Windows antivirus world, avast!, does have an Apple version. This is a virus checking software program for Mac that can be quickly downloaded online and easily installed by following the basic prompts. Most Apple operating systems are supported by avast! except Mac OS X 10.0, 10.1, 10.2 and 10.3, which aren't supported. The antivirus program also does not support any operating systems before Mac OS X.

    Users must pay for each avast! license used and renew annually. One, two and three year subscriptions are offered. Those running Windows and Mac on the same computer can purchase an avast! program that protects both operating systems.

    As of February 2010, a one-year license for Mac only cost $39.95. Two-year Mac-only licensing costs $57.94; three-year licenses cost $74.13. You might also want to order a backup CD or DVD for an additional $9.95 in case something happens to your computer and you need to reinstall the program; the licensing prices only cover a one-time download.

    avast! Mac Edition