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Top 5 Partition Tools for External Hard Drive

written by: Senadheera Jayakody•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 5/25/2011

There are many partition tools available on the internet but not all of them are capable of partitioning external hard drives. If you need partition tools for an external hard drive, here are the best tools to make a better selection for your needs.

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    Paragon Partition Manager 11 Personal

    Paragon Partition Manager 11 Personal Paragon Partition Manager 11 is the latest edition from the highly acclaimed Paragon software developers. This is probably the best partition tool available on the internet. Paragon Partition Manager is a great tool for novice computer users too. Its interface is user friendly enough for everybody to understand what to do next. The wizards make your job much easier. This hard drive partition tool is capable of providing almost all the features expected from a perfect partition manager. Creating, deleting, resizing, converting file systems, changing drive letters, hiding, merging, and all other partition activities can be easily performed using this nice tool. Paragon Partition Manager can be used as a partition tool for external hard drives too.


    • Both Windows and Linux partitions are supported.
    • Ability to change cluster size.
    • Great utility for both beginners and advanced users.
    • Price is just $29.95.
    • Professional edition has more features than the personal edition if you afford $50 more.
    • Supports Windows 7.
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    Acronis Disk Director 11 Home

    Acronis Disk Director 11 Home Acronis Disk Director 11 is another powerful partition tool that is capable of partitioning external hard drives. This software is packed with a comprehensive set of utilities that are required to perform almost all partition related tasks. It assures reliable performance while also ensuring the safety of your data. The interface is clear and easy to use for beginners. One of the main advantages is the ability to boot from USB drive or CD/DVD. This makes partition recovery and management a lot easier.


    • Ability to partition recovery.
    • Cloning a hard drive.
    • Dynamic disk support.
    • Ability to boot from CD/DVD or USB drive.
    • Supports up to 32 disks.
    • Price is $49.99.
    • Supports Windows 7.
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    Easeus Partition Master 6.0.1 Home Edition

    Easeus Partition Master 6.0.1 Home Edition Easeus Partition Master is a dedicated partition management tool with a number of useful features. This is great software for those who are looking to partition an external hard drive. There are highly positive reviews about this utility on popular websites like and Easeus Partition Master is also capable of performing all partitioning functions including disk and partition copy, partition recovery, etc. The home edition is free to use but it recovers only 1GB of data and has many limitations. Easeus Partition Manager is also one of the best partition tools for an external hard drive.


    • Partition Recovery Wizard.
    • Support GPT volumes.
    • Partition Manager Utility for better hard disk management.
    • Has a partition recovery wizard.
    • Home Edition is free with limited functionalities.
    • Professional Edition costs $39.95.
    • Supports Windows 7 (Only Professional edition supports for the 64-bit version of Windows 7).
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    Partition Commander 11

    Partition Commander 11 If you need an external hard drive partition tool, then Partition Commander 11 is a great utility that you have to consider. This has an easy access feature to all its main functions. You can partition, copy, backup or restore in just one easy step. Partition Commander 11 has built in safety tools to make sure that your data is protected from system failures. This security feature is hardly available in other similar hard disk partition software.


    • Easy access utility to reach main features easily.
    • Built in safety features for the maximum protection of data.
    • Recover deleted partitions.
    • USB drives are supported.
    • Both Windows and Linux partitions are supported.
    • Price is only $49.95.
    • Windows 7 compatibility including Vista 64-bit edition.
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    7 Tools Partition Manager 2009

    7 Tools Partition Manager 2009 7 Tools Partition Manager is a relatively cheap solution for your partition management needs. It is also able to function as a partition tool for an external hard drive. This is powered with lot of interesting features. But it may not be as easy to use as many of other related partitioning tools. 7 Tools Partition Manager is not a faster tool like its leading competitors. But it can do the job in a fairly good time. Another interesting fact is the ability to copy even a damaged disk with bad sectors.


    • Windows and Linux partitions are supported.
    • Ability to correct boot errors (Boot corrector).
    • Defragmenting a partition.
    • Hot Resize - enlarge NTFS partition without restarting Windows.
    • Partition and hard disk copying (disk cloning).
    • Disk imaging capabilities.
    • Price: $29.95.

    These are the best partition tools available on the internet today. No doubt that Acronis and Paragon are the leaders in the world of hard drive partitioning. But others are also capable of providing great assistance for you. Since you are looking for partition tools for an external hard drive, all the tools here will serve you well.

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